Wintertime Obstacle Course, Made From Snow!

What can you do when the ground is covered in snow and typical warm-weather activities, such as swimming and biking, are out of the question? Create a wintertime obstacle course made from snow, of course! This fun, creative activity gets the whole family involved and it can be done right in your backyard! All you have to do is bundle up, grab a few supplies, and get ready to have some cold-weather fun! Here are some ideas for things you can include in your wintertime obstacle course!

Snow Maze

If you have a lot of outdoor space to work with, you can create a snow maze! All you need is an open area filled with snow and a shovel. Then you just dig away and add a few twists, turns, and dead ends. The first one out wins! This can be an activity all on its own, or part of a larger obstacle course. If it’s going to be really involved, you may want to draw it out on paper first, and then get someone on a ladder to assist you in making it. This way someone is getting a view from above to ensure it’s coming together properly. If you have a lot of snow, bust out the snow blower to cut through it faster!


Build hurdles of snow to jump! All you need to do is make tall but narrow piles of snow that are spaced out. Make sure they’re low enough and thin enough for kids to jump over successfully. Make them different heights depending on how difficult you want them to be!

Target Practice

Set up a target that you can throw snowballs at. Try to knock soda bottles off a fence post or a hat off a snowman’s head. You can make an actual target board, but it may be harder to see who’s throw was closer since the snow may not stick well to the board.

Snow Toss

Using food coloring and water, create a few different-colored rings in the snow and a line the participants must stand behind when throwing. Have each participant try to toss their snowballs into the rings to get points. Assign a point value to each ring. The closer rings are worth less points and the further rings are worth the most. The first person who gets 10 points (or whatever point total you choose) wins!

Hill Climb

This one takes longer to make than to do! Get out your shovel (or snowblower!) and make a huge pile of snow for participants to climb. The bigger and steeper the better. However if it’s really steep, you might want to anchor a rope into the hill or dig out some places for their feet for easier climbing.

Row Your Sled

Make a beginning line in the snow where everyone lines up their sleds. Participants have to sit in their sleds and move them across flat snow using only their hands. Using feet or another person isn’t allowed! They’ll work up a wintry sweat with this one! If you set up all these obstacles in succession, you can have a ton of fun moving from one to another. You’ll also get in your cardio workout for the day, both creating it and participating in it! Do you do a wintertime obstacle course? What obstacles do you include? Tell us in the comments!