The Importance Of An RV Water Pressure Regulator

There is nothing better in the great outdoors than stepping into a hot shower that has a steady stream of water when you want to freshen up. And there’s nothing worse than pipes that have exploded from too much water pressure. So what’s a person to do? How do you achieve that balance of nice water pressure without the risk of bursting your pipes? You invest in a water pressure regulator and use it every time you hook up your RV’s plumbing to a campground water supply, of course! Let’s look at the importance of using a water pressure regulator in your RV and you won’t even dare traveling without one.

How a Water Pressure Regulator Works

A water pressure regulator serves a very important purpose and could save you from having to repair your RV’s plumbing from a high-pressure disaster! A water pressure regulator is a valve that reduces the water pressure coming from a main water source, such as a campground water supply, to a safe level before it reaches your RV’s plumbing. The most effective way to use it is to attach it directly to the campground’s water supply so it can adjust the water pressure before it reaches your hose. If it’s attached to your RV instead of the campground water spigot, really high water pressure can blow your hose apart. So by attaching it to the campground water supply, you’re not only protecting your RV’s pipes but also your water hose too!

Acceptable Water Pressure For an RV

While newer RVs state that their plumbing system can handle a water pressure of up to 100psi, it’s highly recommended that you do not exceed 60psi. And for older models, it’s best to stay around 45-50psi to protect the older pipes. When camping in the mountains, it’s very possible that the campground water supply may be located at a higher elevation than the campground. This causes the pressure of the water to be higher since it’s essentially rushing downhill into your hose. And it’s very possible that the pressure behind this water exceeds a safe level, putting your RV’s plumbing system at risk!

Water pressure in a campground can also fluctuate greatly depending on the time of day. If you use a water pressure gauge – another handy tool you should keep in your RV toolbox – to test a campground’s water pressure, you may see very different readings during the day than at night. A reading from 10am, when people are busy using their sinks and showers, may show a very low water pressure since so many people are pulling water from the source at the same time. However if you take a reading at 10pm when most people have turned in or are just lounging by the campfire, it will most likely show a higher psi reading since not many people are using water at that time. Since there can be such big discrepancies in the water pressure that flows from a campground water supply, it’s not enough to just test it with a gauge. Always use your water pressure regulator to avoid a costly and avoidable mistake!

Risks Of Excessive Water Pressure

If you happen to find yourself setting up camp and are affixing your water hose to the campground spigot without a water pressure regulator (don’t do this!), you are taking your chances with unpredictable campground water pressure. If it exceeds the recommended 45-60psi (depending on if your RV is newer or not), the high water pressure can burst your RV’s pipes, cause leaks, and loosen connections within the plumbing system. All of these are things you’ll want to avoid, as any water damage to your RV is disastrous, just like at home!

Choosing a Water Pressure Regulator

For under $60, you can ensure that your RV’s plumbing system is protected from damaging water pressure. Trumeters, Valterra, and Camco all make quality regulators and receive great reviews for their products. Before you buy, do your research so you can make an informed decision. Contact us at Gillette’s in East Lansing, MI, for recommendations and to answer any of your RV-related questions.

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