The Benefits of Using an RV for Movie Production

With full kitchens, comfortable beds, well-equipped bathrooms, and plenty of seating, it’s accurate to say that RVs are not just for camping anymore! All kinds of RVs, from travel trailers and fifth wheels to toy haulers and park trailers, can be put to good use whenever the comforts and conveniences of home are needed. And one such example is movie production! The concept and design of an RV is perfect for taking care of a movie production cast and crew in so many ways. Let’s look at the many benefits of using an RV for making a movie. 

Complete Mobility

One feature that an RV offers that no other stick-and-brick building can is its 24/7 mobility. And for movie production, this can be invaluable. As your shooting location changes, it’s easy to just retract the awning and slides, close up shop, and hit the road to keep your production rolling. This means less set up and break down time and more time making your movie. 

Hair & Makeup

The bathroom inside an RV can easily be modified to meet the needs of stars who need to get gussied up before stepping in front of the camera. Many newer RVs are already equipped with LED lighting which is preferable over bright, harsh lighting when it comes to applying makeup. But if it isn’t, it’s easy to replace dreaded fluorescent lighting with 75 or 100-watt LED bulbs. And a trick you’ll often see in movie star dressing rooms that can be done in an RV is surrounding the mirror in LED lights, instead of just having a few lights over the mirror. This helps create even lighting for makeup application. RV bathroom skylights also do wonders for makeup time. They deliver coveted natural light for the best scenario when applying makeup. Set up a comfortable, folding director’s style chair and it’s ready for a star! 

Wardrobe & Dressing Room

Hanging rods and privacy—two things necessary for a star’s wardrobe and dressing room. An RV master suite is the perfect place to set up a wardrobe and dressing area since many have built-in wardrobes with hanging rods, shelves, and even shoe racks. Most wardrobes are designed with mirrored doors as well, so stars can easily make sure they’re camera-ready before stepping out. If the bed is in the way and not needed, it can be removed and the area can be turned into a spacious dressing room instead. 

Lounging Area

Whether an RV has a front, rear, or central living area, there’ll be comfortable seating for anyone involved in movie making. RVs often feature opposing sofas, theater seating, and/or recliners where actors or crew members can take a load off after shooting is done for the day (or between takes). Trailers with living room slide outs feel roomy and spacious, leaving no room for complaining from high-maintenance stars. Outdoor patio awnings create great shaded space so everyone can enjoy fresh air without the sun. This is the ideal place to throw down a rug, set up chairs and a snack table, and put out some refreshments for ultimate relaxation. If the RV is equipped with an outdoor camp kitchen, cold drinks are never far away when kicking back on the patio. Toss a few burgers or kabobs on the outdoor grill and you have the makings of the perfect after-work evening at the RV. 


Even movie stars need to eat—even if it is just celery and water. An RV kitchen has everything needed to either make food onboard or set out food that is delivered by a catering company. The countertops and dinette offer a place to set out trays of meat, cheeses, crackers, veggies, and more. And with a residential-style refrigerator, you can load it up with sparkling water, sodas, juices, teas, etc. Setting up a fancy one-cup coffee maker (very important!) is a cinch with multiple power outlets and plenty of countertop space. Abundant cupboards and drawers give you plenty of room for dishes, glasses, and utensils if you choose to use the real stuff. Some RVs are even equipped with dishwashers (but then someone has to load and unload it). 

Rear Ramp Door

Toy hauler RVs are unique because they are equipped with a rear ramp door that makes loading and unloading of larger equipment effortless. This can come in handy for transporting large spotlights, scenery, rolling racks of clothing/costumes, props, and more. The door opens to reveal a large utility area that is normally loaded with ATVs, kayaks, dune buggies, and other outdoor toys for camping. But when used as a movie production HQ, this rear cargo area is perfect for a wardrobe/dressing room, production office, dining area, living room, and more. Outfit it with tables, sofas, a TV, hanging rods for clothes, a steamer, even beds for additional sleeping accommodations. Toy haulers can have garages from 9-14 feet long and can be as basic or as equipped as you need. From a small garage with just rubber flooring to a large room with a bathroom, full entertainment center, built-in sofas, and electric queen beds, a toy hauler might just be the perfect choice for a movie production RV. 

Production Office

For all the behind-the-scenes stuff, like reviewing and editing film, making calls, filling out paperwork, meetings, and other fun stuff like that, an RV comes through once again! Create an office space in the living room or at the dinette by setting up a computer, copier, and any other equipment needed to make things run smoothly. RVs are equipped with A/C units and furnaces, so you’ll be plenty comfortable while spending time in your mobile movie production studio. 

RVs aren’t just for camping anymore! It’s easy to transform the inside into a movie production HQ so you can have totally mobile and completely comfortable accommodations while filming! If you’ve modified your RV into a mobile movie HQ, share photos of it with us on our Facebook or Instagram pages for inspiration!