The 5 Best Generators for Dry Camping and Boondocking

There is an allure of the untamed wild that entices so many RVers into the dry camping and boondocking lifestyle. While roughing it without hookups has its rewards, like enjoying the peace and seclusion of the uninhabited natural world, it also has its fair share of challenges too, and that’s why it’s best to be prepared with the proper gear. A generator is a vital piece of equipment for the dry camping experience. Unless you have a solar power system, generators are going to be your best bet for keeping your rig operating without electricity. Here’s a look at the best generators for dry camping and boondocking, and a few factors to consider before making your final purchase.

Before Buying

Price is obviously going to be a major concern when deciding on which generator is right for you. But just like most consumer-motivated decisions in life, you get what you pay for. So with consideration to the price tag, also keep the durability, performance, and available warranties in mind, along with the following factors: Noise Level – Even though you’re in a remote area, noise level will still most likely be a concern, if only for your own personal tranquility. After all, you didn’t make your way out to the peaceful boonies just so you could listen to the industrialized sound of a generator’s wail. Size – You’ll want a model that is small and compact because you’ll need to transport it in your RV, which is restricted to a limited amount of space. You can find generators specifically designed to be portable, making them ideal for camping. Run Time – If you’re planning on running your generator throughout the night, its run time will be especially important to you since you don’t want to have to get up at 3am to refuel it. You should be able to rely on your generator to last through the night on a full tank of fuel.

Available Options

Below are a few of the industry-leading generators ideal for dry camping and boondocking. Based on your own needs and desires, narrow down the selections below based on the factors we’ve highlight above. Yamaha EF2000iS Generator

Costing around $990, this generator is a reliable and eco-friendly model that has the longest emission engine durability rating issued by the EPA. Other features include:

  • A blend of noise-reducing technologies to achieve a super-quiet sound.
  • Weighs 44 pounds
  • 10.5 hour run time on a single tank of gas
  • Noise level of 51.5dB
  • Running wattage of 1600W
  • Three-year limited warranty

Honda EU2000i Inverter Generator

Costing around $999, this generator is one of the most expensive on our list, but for the price you get an ultra-quiet and transportable unit which boasts:

  • A two-tiered noise dampening system for a quiet sound while in use
  • Weighs 47 pounds
  • 8.1 hour run time at 25% load
  • Noise level of 59dB
  • Running wattage of 1600W
  • Three-year residential and commercial warranty

Champion Power 75531i Generator

Costing close to $800, this generator is built on wheels with a fold-away handle for optimal portability. This generator also comes equipped with:

  • Inverter technology to reduce your electrical load and save fuel
  • Weighs 80 pounds
  • 8 hour run time at 25% load
  • Noise level of 58dB
  • Running wattage of 2800 watts
  • Two-year limited warranty

Briggs and Stratton P2200 PowerSmart Series Generator

Costing around $630, this generator is one of the more affordable options on our list. Designed to go anywhere, this compact model also features:

  • Smooth power source to charge up sensitive electronics
  • Weights 55 pounds
  • 8 hour run time at 25% load
  • Noise level of 59dB
  • Running wattage of 1700 watts
  • Two-year limited warranty

Porta Source IG3200W Generator

Costing around $1000, this generator boasts a heavy-duty and durable build with wheels for easy mobility. Other key features of this unit include:

  • Electric remote start so you can power up your generator from the comfort of your bed
  • Weighs 84 pounds
  • 8.5 hour run time in economy mode
  • Noise level of 60dB
  • Running wattage of 2800 watts
  • One-year product warranty and two-year engine warranty

Making a final decision on such an expensive investment can be nerve-wracking, but becoming an informed consumer is the first step towards making the right choice! Our top pick would be the Yamaha model because it has the longest run time, lightest weight, and lowest noise level. Decide for yourself which one makes the top of your list and then get ready for some boondocking bliss! What generator or brand do you trust to power your rig while dry camping? Let us know in the comments!