Spooky Halloween Campsite Decoration Contest

Decorating for Halloween is all part of the fun and fear of the spook-tacular season, but when the stakes are raised and you’re being judged for your decorating performance in a contest, you better bring your A game! A number of campgrounds and RV parks host a campsite decorating contest to pit campers against one another in a fun and festive competition! If you’re staying at one of these places and participating in the competition, here are some great ideas for how to win your spooky Halloween campsite decoration contest!

Arachnophobes Beware

Step 1 – Purchase a black indoor-outdoor needle-punch carpet which can typically be found at your local hardware store. Cut it into a circle.
Step 2 -Using a white fabric marker, draw on eight straight intersecting lines that cross the rug from edge to edge. Between those lines draw inverted arches to create a giant spider web to use as a door mat.
Step 3 – Wrap a foam egg in white batting and put it in a white stocking. Take plastic spiders and place them between the batting and stocking, and glue some additional spiders to the outside.
Step 4 – Enhance your door mat by covering your RV in fake spider webs and hanging your spider egg sacs from the awning of your RV!

Glowing Ghosts

Step 1 – Crack a glow stick and put it inside of a balloon. Blow up the balloon.
Step 2 – Cut out circles from black construction paper. With the balloon positioned so that the tie is on the top, tape on the black circles to create the eyes of your ghost.
Step 3 – Drape cheesecloth over the balloon and let it hang down to form a ghostly presence.
Step 4 – Using the tie of the balloon, hang your glowing ghost from the trees or your RV awning.

Twigs of Terror

Step 1 – Trace the shape of a bat onto pieces of black felt and cut them out.
Step 2 – Using hot glue, attach your felt bats onto a natural twig wreath, which can be purchased at your local craft store.
Step 3 – Hang your wreath on the front door of your RV.
Step 4 – Accent your new wreath by crafting creepy Blair Witch-inspired twig dolls out of sticks and twine and place them around your campsite!

Halloween Horror Show

Step 1 – Using craft glue, red food coloring, and wax paper, create your own bloody handprint window clings. Stick them to your RVs windows.
Step 2 – Lay a white aisle runner down on the walkway up to your RV. With red paint and bare feet, make bloody footprints leaving your RV. Add some blood spatter too.
Step 3 – Using newspapers, old t-shirts, or empty plastic bottles, fill up garbage bags and form them into the shape of a human body with the help of some duct tape.
Step 4 – Splatter on some fake blood and hang your bagged corpse upside-down from a tree branch.

By sticking to a solid theme and getting a little creative with your DIY endeavors you can easily have your campsite decoration contest in the bag while putting the competition to shame! We want to see those decorated campsites! Snap a picture of your scary scenes and share it with us on Facebook or Instagram!