Screen Hacks To Keep the Critters Out of Your RV

Your RV is dry, clean, and warm, making it very attractive to critters who might be looking for a new home. No matter the season, your RV is always at risk of being invaded by bugs, spiders, bees, and little critters. In the spring and summer, spiders, birds, and bees are searching for the perfect spot to build their webs and nests. When winter arrives, little critters like mice and squirrels are looking for a warm place to snuggle in for a while. They’re destructive, damaging, and downright disgusting tenants and have no place calling your RV home. So cut them off at the pass by blocking their entrance into your RV with screens that are inexpensive and easy to install.

No Entry

The best way to take care of a critter and insect problem is by not having one in the first place. If they can’t gain access into your RV, then you don’t have to spend time and money trying to clean up after them. While you and I use the door to go in and out of our campers (because we’re civilized human beings), these little buggers go in through the backdoor like they’re VIPs—they find openings around vents, holes in screens, or gaps on the underbelly of the RV. For gaps around water lines and sewer lines underneath your rig, fill them with spray foam. But for access points around vents and on screens, try these tips:

Furnace, water heater, stove, and refrigerator vents:

These typically have openings that make it easy for small insects to fly right on into your RV and make themselves comfortable. Bees and spiders also like to build their hives and webs in the vents that end up interfering with airflow. Keep them out with a simple product that is essentially a roadblock that stops them dead in their tracks. Check out these easy-to-install Camco Flying Insect Screens that are made of heavy duty steel:

Door and window screens:

Over time RVs start to show some wear and tear. If you notice a tear or gap on a door or window screen, alarm bells should go off in your head alerting you to the obvious point of entry for any little insect or critter who’s determined to get inside. Luckily this is a quick, easy fix! There are lots of products on the market for fixing or even replacing a screen. Here are a few we like:

    • RHO Screen Repair Kit: this fiberglass tape can be cut to fit any size tear or hole and has a tear-away layer for easy application

    • Prime-Line Screen Door Repair Kit: if you’re feeling ambitious enough to replace an entire screen door (if it needs it!), this kit comes with everything you need (fiberglass screen, spline, and a rolling tool)

Flying insects and creepy crawly critters are a fact of life when you’re calling the great outdoors home. But just because you’re on their turf doesn’t mean you have to cohabitate. Block their entry into your RV with these quick, easy fixes and nobody will get hurt. They’ll continue thriving outside your RV (where they belong) and you won’t have to squish, swat, step on, trap, or poison any living creatures. It’s a win-win for everyone!