RV Window Hacks That Help You Stay Warm

If you’re a cold-weather camper, then you know the benefits that come with braving the chilly temps in your RV: no crowds, beautiful scenery, wildlife sightings, winter sports like snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. On the flip side, you also have to endure bone-chilling nights where your RV might feel more like a freezer-on-wheels than a cozy home-away-from-home. Your RV has a few areas where heat leaks out, and today we’re going to look at one of the biggest culprits: the windows! Luckily you have options when it comes to insulating your RV windows so that you’re not heating the great outdoors. Take a look at these RV window hacks that’ll help you stay warm and choose one to try this winter as you embark on an awesome cold-weather RV adventure!

Sew Crafty!

If you’re crafty, then this first option is definitely for you! Head to your favorite craft or fabric store and choose a heavy material that’ll be perfect for insulating your RV windows. Depending on how technical or fancy you want to get, there is a curtain pattern for you. A simple online search will yield literally thousands of different ideas, some non-sew patterns taking under an hour, and some taking much longer. How you attach them to the windows is also up for debate: curtain rods, snaps, Velcro®? Or maybe you’ll come up with a unique solution all your own. No matter which you choose, just be sure to purchase a fabric thick enough to keep the heat in and the cold winter winds out.

Seal It Up!

This way of insulating your RV windows doesn’t add any decorative flair to your RV like curtains do, but it also doesn’t obstruct your view. A simple and inexpensive way to create a barrier between the chilly outdoors and your cozy indoors is by applying a layer of plastic to your windows. With this method, you’re literally shrink wrapping your windows. Purchase a window insulator kit from your local hardware store, grab a hair dryer and an X-acto knife, and you’re ready to go! Mount the double-sided tape from the kit around the perimeter of each window (do one window at a time). For each window you will cut the plastic wrap so that it extends about two inches beyond the window on each side. To apply the wrap, start with the top of the window, pressing it onto the strip of tape. Work your way down the window by pressing the side of the wrap to the side tape, making sure you’re pulling it tightly as you go down (so that it resembles a pane of glass). Use your hair dryer on the high heat setting to blow out the wrinkles from the top down. Be careful not to get too close the plastic with the hair dryer, as this can melt or burn it. Once done, trim the plastic edges to your liking.

 Foiled Again!

While the shrink wrap can be applied and left up all winter without impeding your view of the beautiful wintry-white scenery right outside your RV’s door, this next method isn’t quite as see-through. But it sure does work! And when the winds are whipping relentlessly against your RV, that’s all you’re going to care about. Put the shrink wrap back on the shelf and grab some double-reflective Reflectix instead. This 7-layer reflective insulation product can easily be cut to fit every window and can be put up and removed whenever you need it. Using a newspaper as a template, cut the newspaper to the size of your windows, adding about 2 inches on each side so that it stretches beyond the window. Then cut the Reflectix to match the newspaper templates for each window. A good way to secure Reflectix in your windows is with Velcro. You can either add Velcro strips that span the entire length of each side of the windows, or you can put smaller strips on each corner where the Reflectix can attach. Once up, the polyethylene bubble wrap that is encased between the foil will help keep heat from escaping and cold from infiltrating. By attaching it with Velcro, it’ll be easy to put up and easy to take down whenever needed.

Have you come up with your own unique solution for insulating your RV windows and want to share it with us and our readers? Here at Gillette’s Interstate RV in Lansing, MI, we’re always looking for helpful RV tips and tricks! Share your cool idea below in the comments!