Packable Boats – Anywhere Flotation

Wouldn’t it be great to bring a boat along on all your camping trips without having to sacrifice storage space or figure out how to tow it behind your RV? With a packable, inflatable boat, you can! An inflatable boat can fit in your RV’s pass-through storage and it’s always just a few minutes away from being blown up and ready to launch! Consider bringing one of these along on your next camping trip for easy access to nearby lakes and rivers.

Types of Boats

Rafts There are many different sizes of rafts available! From a small, single person raft to a 12-foot white water raft, you’re sure to find one that will suit your needs. Most of these rafts come with a bag to carry them in, paddles, and a repair kit. For one to two people looking to hang out on a small lake or river, a NRD PackRaft would work! This lightweight raft will fit into an 18″ x 15″ x 5″ space when deflated and folded up, making it great for the RV or the car. Take this with you on all your trips so you can take advantage of fishing and boating opportunities when you get to the campground. Want to go white water rafting with a group? Check out the Pathfinder White Water Raft by the Inflatable Boat Warehouse. This 12-foot raft can handle class I and class II waves! With 2 paddles, a repair kit, a foot pump, 2 air seats, and a carry bag, this is a great boat for all kinds of rafting!

Kayaks and Canoes Looking for a kayaking or canoe adventure but don’t want to worry about how to get the big bulky craft to the river? An inflatable kayak or canoe is just what you need. The kayaks found at NRS come in all shapes and sizes to meet your needs. Prices range from $449 to $2,549 and vary depending on the options and durability you’re looking for. For a leisurely stroll around the lake, consider one of the less expensive ones. But for vigorous white water kayaking, you’ll want to check out some of the more durable kayaks available. NRS also has a canoe! The AIRE Traveler Canoe has room for the whole family and is great for flat and light water situations! This awesome canoe comes with removable bench seats and is available in blue and green!

Sailboats The Inflatable Sail Catamaran found at is a great option for those looking for a sailboat. There is virtually no assembly to this boat. All you have to do is roll it out and inflate it. This boat has no frame to it but it is still durable enough for sailing, white water rafting, fishing, and rowing in open surf. At 14′ you’ll have plenty of space for you and your guests and/or gear. This amazing inflatable boat comes with oars, a repair kit, carry bag, hand pump, and sail kit.

Sport The Salter Sport Boat by Inflatable Boat Warehouse is available in sizes of 9′ and 11′. This is a great boat to be coupled with an engine and has a round nose, making it great for speed. These each come with lightweight aluminum seats, a repair kit, air pump, locking oars, and a towrope. You can deflate and fold this boat up and store it in your RV! Looking for something a little larger? The Crusader RX is available in 11′ and 12′ and has a round nose, making it wider for more room. This boat comes with aluminum seat benches, a repair kit, foot air pump, locking oars, a carry bag, and more! The Sea Eagle 10.6 Sport Runabout is another lightweight inflatable boat that accommodates 5 adults and up to 1,200 pounds! This durable raft comes equipped with a high-pressure drop-stitch inflatable floor that makes them light and easy to transport! With an external rigid inflatable keel, you can turn on a dime and stay on a straight course even in windy conditions.


Most of these boats come with a pump, but they’re manual hand or foot pumps. With the amount of air these require to be inflated, it may be a good idea to invest in an automatic pump for the initial fill up. Boats To Go has pumps that are both battery and non-battery operated. The EPUMP Basic model has alligator clips that can be attached to your vehicle’s battery to give it power. This way you don’t have to be concerned with having an electrical outlet where you want to pump up your boat. The EPUMP_DB model comes with a battery which is rechargeable and can be used anywhere. Both pumps come with a high-speed fan and automatically stop when the pressure you specify is reached. Make sure to invest in an extra repair kit. Although all the boats come with one, you can never be too prepared. In the event that the damage is either larger than what your repair kit can handle, or the unfortunate occurrence that you end up with a second hole before you get back, you’ll be ready to deal with it. Inflatable Boat Warehouse has a great Boat Repair Kit that will repair the boat, seats, and all other inflatable accessories! The kit comes with three patches, glue, and a valve wrench. Other things to think about adding to your order include life jackets, extra oars, a motor for the boat, and extra valves. If you end up with a pump that does not automatically shut off at a specified pressure, you will want to pick up an air pressure gauge. This way you can ensure you have enough air in the boat to use it properly but you’re not apt to overfill it. These boats are a great addition to your camping gear and take up little room. No longer do you have to stay on shore and watch others have fun on the water. Explore the Peninsula State Park by water or launch your kayak into the Snake River at the Grand Tetons National Park. With an inflatable boat, your water exploration possibilities are endless!