Multiple Uses for Shoe Organizers

Organizing your home can be a pretty daunting task. And if you spend a lot of time on the road in an RV, organization is key to staying relaxed and enjoying every minute of your time away. One tool I’ve found helpful in achieving an organized home and RV is a shoe organizer. Despite its name, it can hold a lot more than shoes, as you’ll see below. Try out these multiple uses for shoe organizers to help you organize your home and RV quickly! They’re inexpensive and can be hung almost anywhere.


The pantry can become a cluttered mess fast! Because it can be a catch-all for almost any kitchen item, it can start to resemble a big junk drawer of kitchen supplies and food quickly. And RV pantries have the added element of being tossed around as you bump down the road to your destination. Use a shoe organizer to secure cans and jar and get your pantry under control. Just hang it inside the pantry door and fill it up with things like cooking spray, boxes of spaghetti, canned veggies and fruits, jars of salsa and sauce, olive oil, seasoning packets, and much more! If you’ve run out of drawer space, you can even use it for utensils and serving spoons, rolled up dish towels and cloths, and plastic wrap and tin foil. The possibilities are endless!

Cleaning Products

Hang a shoe organizer in your utility room, or trim one down to fit on the inside of the cabinets in the bathroom or kitchen. Then slide your cleaning products in the pouches. Most of the bottles are the perfect size to fit into it. No more having to dig in the back of the cabinet to find the cleaner you’re looking for. Consider purchasing a shoe organizer that has clear or mesh pouches so you can clearly see which cleaner you’re grabbing before you grab it.

Around the Bed

Trim a shoe organizer so that you end up with multiple rows of pouches. Then attach the rows to the box spring of your bed so that they go around the outside of your bed. To keep things organized and off the floor, fill it with socks, underwear, remote controls, swimsuits, shoes, book, magazines, and so much more! Everything you need could be within arms reach when you’re laying in your comfy bed!

Craft Supplies

If you’re a crafter, you know how difficult it can be to keep your materials organized! A shoe organizer can help corral small things like thread, buttons, ribbon, yarn, needles, safety pins, measuring tape, patterns, and so much more! Pencils, pens, markers, crayons, scissors, paint, glue, and other kids’ craft supplies fit into these little pouches as well!


Have you ever opened your medicine cabinet and had the contents fall out into the sink below? The actual storage space inside a medicine cabinet is usually pretty small, made with just thin, shallow shelves. And in an RV, every little bump and crack you hit on the road to your destination will jostle your pill bottles. Utilize a shoe organizer in the bathroom at home or in your RV to help keep things from breaking or rolling all around. Hang one (that you’ve cut to size) on the inside of your vanity cabinet door and fill it with your medications. However, if you have little ones that live with you or visit often, don’t put your medications in it. Instead, hang a shoe organizer from your shower curtain rod and put your medications in the upper-most pouches so they’re out of reach of little hands. This can go for furry friends too. Some dogs will chew through pretty much anything to get at what they want. Use caution when it comes to storing medications!

Beauty Products

If your makeup drawer looks like mine, then listen closely to this tip. Hang a shoe organizer inside your linen closet or from your RV’s shower curtain rod and fill it with makeup, hair products, lotions, body sprays, perfumes, and more. This keeps everything within reach and helps to declutter your vanity countertop.

In the Shower

Some shower racks are a joke. Soap bars can fall through the wire bottoms and bottles can tumble off of them, especially when you’re traveling down the road in an RV. Use a shoe organizer instead and load it up with your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving cream, razors, and more. Hang it from the shower curtain rod or on the inside of your shower door. Get one that is cloth or mesh to avoid any mold or mildew build up. The pouches in the bottom are a great place to store kids’ bath toys.


Since they’re only used for a few months out of the year, hats, mittens, and gloves can be a pain to store. Ours end up in a bin that becomes a gigantic mess that we have to dig through when the snow starts flying. A shoe organizer is the perfect solution for storage of little hats and gloves. Hang it inside your mud room during the winter months so they’re easy to get at, and then hang it inside your coat closet and out of the way when these cold weather accessories aren’t needed anymore.

Stuffed Animals

Kids love stuffed animals, but they pile up so fast! If you have kids you probably know that each stuffed animal is precious to them, even if they haven’t played with it in a year. Small stuffed animals and other toys fit perfectly in a shoe organizer! Just hang it inside a bedroom closet or on the back of a bedroom door and give those stuffies a home! You could even cut the shoe organizer and hang it around your child’s bed as mentioned above.

Back of the Seat

Cut a shoe organizer to fit and attach it to the back of the driver or passenger seat in your car! Fill it with maps, sunglasses, snacks, travel games, stuffed animals, water bottles, and more to help keep the inside of your car tidy while on a road trip!

Who would have thought you could do so much with a shoe organizer! You can find multiple uses for shoe organizers around the house and your RV to keep small things all in one place. Once you see how easy it is to declutter using a shoe organizer, you’ll add them all over your house!