M&M Kiss Pretzels – A Tasty Treat

While chocolate is one of the most-loved foods by people of all ages and all cultures, it is also one of the most misunderstood. Did you know that chocolate actually originated in a liquid form? It’s true! Dating back to the pre-Columbian cultures of Mesoamerica (at least 2,000 years ago!), chocolate was first enjoyed as a sugar-free alcoholic drink made from the sweet pulp from the cacao fruit. Cacao beans have a rich history! The Aztec and Mayan people believed that cacao beans were magical and therefore used them in sacred rituals, such as births and marriages. But Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes didn’t enjoy it, calling it “a bitter drink for pigs.” Evolving into a sweet drink once honey and cane sugar was added to it, the delightful treat we know and love was born and formed into bars, chips, candies, and more. If you’re hungry for more on the evolution of chocolate, check out these delicious reads: The True History of Chocolate by Sophie and Michael Coe and The Chocolate Connoisseur by Chloe Doutre-Roussel. And now to the good stuff …

Like most foods, pretzels get infinitely better when they are drenched in chocolate. For a mouth-watering treat that is the perfect way to top off a delicious campfire meal, whip up these simple M&M kiss pretzels ahead of time and you’ll never have to go without a chocolate fix again!

What You’ll Need

  • Bite-size pretzels (circle or square, preferably)
  • Hershey’s Kisses
  • M&Ms

How To Make

  1. Preheat your oven to around 200 degrees.
  2. Cover your baking sheet with parchment paper and place your pretzels in a single layer on the sheet.
  3. Unwrap your Hershey’s Kisses and set one on top of each pretzel.
  4. Slide the pretzel-covered baking sheet into your preheated oven and let them bake for around 2-4 minutes, or until the chocolate begins to melt.
  5. Remove your baking sheet from the oven and press one M&M into the center of each chocolatey-topped pretzel.
  6. Place your pretzels in the refrigerator to cool.
  7. Once the chocolate has set, sample your sensational creation and share if you dare!

M&M kiss pretzels are a great make-ahead treat that you can keep in the fridge to snack on throughout your RVing adventure. For more delicious desserts, try this apple pie recipe! What tasty treats do you make to satisfy your sweet tooth on the road? Let us know in the comments below!