Making Backyard Camping a Magical Experience

Who says you need to travel long distances to have an amazing camping experience? With a little bit of creativity, backyard camping can be just as fun as far-away trips, and a lot less stressful too! You might not get the change of scenery, but you will get an at-home experience that you and your kids will never forget. And what better place to make family memories than the place you all call home? So, if you’re ready to transform your backyard into an adventurous camping getaway, try out some of these ideas for making backyard camping a magical experience!

Setting The Scene

It might not be the transcendental mountain scape of the Grand Tetons, but your backyard has some of the same all-natural eye appeal that makes camping so amazing. If you’ve got ground below your feet and endless skies above your head, you might as well be standing in a campsite! To help give your backyard a more camp-like ambiance, check out these ideas for setting the scene. DIY Lanterns – For a fun, cosmic look, make glow stick lanterns! Just buy full-size glow sticks and carefully cut off the tops, pouring the liquid contents into mason jars filled with water. The ethereal glow of the jars will transform your backyard into a celestial wonderland of colorful captivation! Mystical Campfire – Add to the magic of your glow lanterns by having a fire that mimics your technicolored scenery! Campfire colorant kits typically come in pouches that are filled with powder. All you have to do is toss the pouch into the flames and your colors will soon appear. You don’t even have to open up the packet!

New Takes On Old Classics

There are a few classic activities that are fundamental to achieving a true camping experience. But if you’re already bending the rules by camping in the backyard, why not bend them further and modify the old camping classics you remember into abnormal camping activities that you won’t be able to forget! Goodies & Grub – Take your s’mores to the next level by making them in ice cream cones! You’ll still get all of the sticky, sweet goodness, but it will be easier and less messy to devour! Try making this recipe for apple pie with a handle and you’ll have the great taste of grandma’s signature apple pie right around the campfire! For a fun and delicious family activity, gather up a few basic ingredients and make ice cream in a bag! Games With a TwistCamp games are a staple of any camping trip. Whether your family prefers leisurely recreational games or cutthroat competitions, you can put a personalized twist on just about any game to make it perfect for the backyard atmosphere. For example, use spray paint and a circle stencil to make a Twister board in the grass! For a horseshoe-style game that can be played by all ages and abilities, makes yourself a pipe ball set!

Back To the Survival Basics

When you camp in the backyard, you thankfully don’t have to worry about tire blowouts, getting lost in the wild, or fending off ferocious bears. But sometimes, the illusion of survival can be thrilling and exciting, especially to young children. Go rustic with your backyard camping experience and your kids won’t just have an incredible time, they’ll probably learn some basic survival skills too! Wilderness Wise: You might not get lost in your backyard, but knowing how to use a compass and how a compass operates can be very useful to any outdoor lover. Build a DIY compass with your kids using a handful of materials you probably already have lying around the house. You’ll be amazed at how accurate this simple creation is! For a challenging activity that tests your outdoorsman status, try axe throwing! While it isn’t exactly a kid-friendly activity, the adults will have a great time! Survival Food 101: Just because you’re just footsteps from the kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to be desperate for sustenance in the wild! Try out this recipe for bannock, a native food that is culturally connected to just about every indigenous nation across the globe. It’s easy to prepare, filled with nourishment, and it has a long shelf life too! Pair it with campfire green beans for a primitive meal that will still make your mouths water! After you’ve had your first backyard camping experience, you’ll quickly realize that camping is less about where you are and more about who you’re with, what you do, and, of course, the tasty foods that you eat! Brush off the tent and head out to the backyard this weekend and have yourself a one-of-a-kind camping experience just seconds from home! Let us know how your backyard camping trip went in the comments below!