Kid Photo Challenge – Make a Game Out of Photography

When planning an RVing vacation, you might have visions floating around in your head of family bonding moments, quality time spent together, and undistracted bliss shared between the ones you love. Once your family vacation begins, however, you might be surprised at how easily your getaway daydreams are thwarted by your kids’ refusal to separate themselves from their cellphones. So, if your little campers have their phones glued to their hands, don’t upset them by banishing technology from the trip, instead incorporate their phones into your adventure with a kid photo challenge! Make a game out of photography and get your kid’s attention off of the cyber world at their fingertips and back to the beautiful living world right in front of them.

How It Works

Use the thrill of competition to rouse your combative, angsty youngsters and challenge them to a game that fuses their phone absorption with your desire to have quality family time. Make up the requirements of your challenges or use some of our ideas listed below, and throughout your trip have your kids capture images of your destinations using the cameras on their phones (if you want, join in on the competition too!). To judge the photo challenge, have everyone vote for their favorite photo (that isn’t their own!) or designate a non-participating ‘critic’ to pick a winner. Ready-set-click!

All-Natural Challenge Ideas

Wildlife Challenge: See if your tech-obsessed teens can use their camera phones to capture an amazing shot of an animal in the wild!

Pure Nature Challenge: Require a picture that contains nothing man-made. Everything within the frame must habitually exist in nature.

Tree Challenge: Forests are filled with trees of all shapes and sizes. See who can find the most unique tree and take the most interesting shot!

Family-Inspired Challenge Ideas

Sneaky Snapshot Challenge: Be stealthy with your photography and see who can inconspicuously capture a funny or flattering photo of a family member without them noticing.

Sunset/Sunrise Challenge: Enjoying a sunset or sunrise with your loved ones is a must-do activity for any family vacation! See who can take the most stunning sun-spotlighted photo.

Family Comparison Challenge: Using slips of paper, put every family member’s name into a hat and each draw one. Whichever name you get, your challenge is to take a photo of something that reminds you of them.

Interactive Challenge Ideas

Scavenger Hunt Challenge: Give your kids a list of images to capture. Maybe an odd-looking cloud, something out of place, something round, etc. Whoever gets the most on the list wins!

Story Time Challenge: Have your kids create a story using a series of pictures they take along your trip together. Have the pictures tell the story or have them write a story to go along with their pictures.

Letter Challenge: Objects can bear a striking resemblance to letters in the alphabet. See if your kids can spell out their names using a sequence of photos depicting each letter.

Once you get home from your trip, not only will you have made valuable family memories together, but you’ll have the pictures to prove it. Kids are capable of capturing amazing photographs, you’ll be impressed with how the world looks through their lens once they look up from their cell phones!

For other fun activities to do with your kids during your family vacations, try pipe ball or build a compass!