Keeping the Inside of Your RV Clean

I don’t know many people who actually enjoy cleaning, but it’s something that has to be done every now and then to avoid living in filth. When cleaning the inside of an RV, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing products since RV surfaces can be different from residential ones. Look for products made specifically for RVs, as they are safer for your RV materials and the environment. Here are some tips on keeping the inside of your RV clean!


An RV bathroom is one place that gets dirty very quickly. Using bleach may seem like a good idea to kill bacteria that lingers in bathrooms, but bleach or other abrasive cleaners can actually cause a lot of damage to your bathroom surfaces. Instead, use a mild cleaner that is strong enough to do the job but won’t scratch. Look for bathroom cleaners specifically made for RV surfaces that are safe to use and won’t cause any issues once they are in your RV tanks either.


Your RV floors take a lot of abuse! Every time you step into your RV, you deposit dirt, dust, and other outdoor debris onto your RV floors. To combat this, invest in a small vacuum and a wet/dry mop. These take up minimal space and are very useful. Vacuum your carpets regularly to keep the dirt from getting ground in and creating a stain. If you end up with a stain, have your carpets cleaned professionally and then have a stain protectant applied afterward. Use the wet/dry mop as needed on your vinyl or hard wood flooring to wipe away dirt and dust that’s hard to see (but shows up on the bottom of your bare feet!). To help keep the great outdoors, well, outdoors, add a rug at the door, use a no-shoe policy, and set a boot cleaner or hard plastic door mat outside the door for people to wipe their feet on before entering your RV. Even though you’re enjoying the beauty of the Grand Tetons, you don’t part of them inside your RV!


When you clean your RV kitchen, you want to make sure that you’re ridding the area of harmful bacteria, but you don’t want to spray surfaces with harmful cleaners. So use a mild soap for the counter tops, especially if you have solid surfaces in your RV. Clean your range hood filter to rid the area of nasty smells that linger on the filter. Simply put the filter in a large pot of boiling water. This will turn any baked-on grease on the filter back to its liquid state and you can easily clean it off. Once your kitchen is all spic and span, you can get back to what’s important, like making delicious Crockpot Cheese Dip or peeling your apples for your Apple Pie with a Handle dessert!


Due to gravel and dirt roads, campgrounds are often very dusty. And every time you open your RV’s door or windows, the dust makes its way into your RV. It settles on beds, countertops, floors, in cabinets, and all over. Dust your RV regularly to remove the dust and dirt and rid your RV of allergens. Using microfiber dusting cloths or a Swiffer duster will help pull the dust off the surfaces without spreading it around. If you have a duster attachment on your vacuum, use it! This ensures that the dust goes directly into the vacuum bag and not back up into the air. So now you can enjoy places like Jacob’s Corn Maze without stressing about the mess you’ll drag into your RV after exploring the beautiful grounds! Clean the inside of your RV often to keep dirt and dust from building up in layers. Clean it thoroughly after each trip and many times during lengthy road trips. Not only are you making the living area healthier for you and your family, but you’ll eliminate the risk of attracting critters who may want to nibble on the crumbs that litter the inside of a dirty RV.