I Don’t See Any Prices!

We often get calls from our customers who’ve been browsing our online inventory and we hear, “I don’t see any prices!” They’ve seen some RVs that interest them and they want to know if they’re priced within their budget. There are a few reasons we don’t post pricing on our website and we want to let you know why. It all starts with the manufacturers!

Located in the beautiful state of Michigan, we have a geographical advantage that a lot of other RV dealerships in the US don’t! We’re very close in proximity to many of our manufacturers, such as Jayco, EverGreen, and GulfStream. With such a short distance between us and them, we pay low delivery fees and are able to pass along these savings to you, our customer!

Here at Gillette’s, we strive to offer the lowest prices of anyone, anywhere. In order to make this happen, we spend a lot of time negotiating the lowest possible prices from our manufacturers. When you combine our low delivery prices and our extraordinary pricing, it can be difficult for other dealerships to keep up with us. In an effort to be fair, our manufacturers require us to sign a contract stating that we will not post our prices online.

Even if we were not bound to this agreement, we still wouldn’t attach a price to our RVs. The reason for this is that we offer a lot of promotions and discounts that will affect our prices, and we don’t want to show you a price that is actually higher than what you’d pay. In addition, customers often choose to add on optional features and/or packages that also affect the price of an RV. With so many factors that can alter the price of an RV, we don’t want to misrepresent an RV with a price that is not correct. Simply put, if we can’t put our best price on it, we don’t want to put one on it at all.

We strive to offer the best prices along with the best customer service experience here at Gillette’s. That’s why when you contact us for pricing information, you’ll be paired up with a specialist who knows our RVs inside and out and can explain our discounts and/or promotions you may qualify for. Check out our inventory online or come see us in person!