How To Properly Hang Things On An RV Wall

Decorating your RV adds a nice personal touch to your portable space! Depending on how you want to decorate, you might be looking to hang items on your wall but aren’t really sure how to go about it. Here are some useful tips on how to properly hang things on an RV wall!

RV Walls

RV walls are designed in a way that makes them pretty thin and hard to know where to hang items. It is usually fairly difficult to know where plumbing and studs are located, making it risky to try and install screws or nails. Unlike in houses, where studs sit at regular intervals, studs in RVs are placed irregularly, sometimes even horizontally placed rather than vertically. Since glue is typically used to hold studs together, using a stud finder won’t be any use without screws or nails. Using a hammer to tap the wall to hear sound differences could work, but it’s not a guaranteed method, and could still lead to inserting a screw or nail in a damaging way. It is also best to avoid trying to hang heavy objects onto your RV wall. The heavier the object, the more likely it is that you will inflict more damage to the wall. Heavy items also pull harder on things like screws and nails, which when they are inserted into thin walls, could either create larger holes, or pull out of the wall all together!

About Screws and Nails…

Overall, it is best to avoid screws whenever possible, and nails altogether. These methods could leave irreparable damage to your RV walls and you’ll be stuck with unsightly holes. With screws, you have more control over how far you insert the screw, but one stroke of a hammer could drive a nail in farther than you anticipated. If you absolutely need to use a screw, be sure to use the smallest screw possible for your needs, and always pre-drill to ensure you don’t crack the wood!

Best Products for Wall Mounting

There are some great alternatives to using screws, nails, and other damaging wall inserts. You can use these products for a variety of uses, so you can hang just about anything in your RV, as long as it is fairly lightweight!

Double-Sided Adhesive Strips

These types of strips are great for sturdily securing objects to walls! Command Strips by 3M are great and work extremely well for hanging items like wall art, picture frames, small shelves, and more! They are easy to apply, are long lasting, and can be removed without damaging the wall!

Adhesive Wall Hooks

These hooks usually use the previously mentioned double-sided adhesive strips to anchor them securely to walls for a strong hold! 3M also makes Command Hooks, which come in a variety of shapes, colors, and materials, depending on how fancy you are decorating! They range in weight capacities as well, holding up to seven and a half pounds! They also come in outdoor varieties, if you’re planning on hanging anything on the exterior of your RV! And because they use the adhesive strips, you can remove them without doing damage!


Velcro is also a great alternative to more damaging hanging choices. Double-sided sticky velcro can stick to your object, as well as to the wall, making it easy to take them off the walls and put them back up easily! This is great for things like picture frames, which you would want to take down during travel. Velcro would make it extremely easy to put them up again without hassle!

Museum Putty

Museum putty is another great alternative for mounting lightweight items! It’s great for light pieces of art and unframed photos, and can also be used on the bottom of objects that you’d like to prevent from sliding around inside your RV! It is removable, doesn’t do damage, and is reusable, definitely making it a worthwhile purchase! Now that you know how to properly hang things on an RV wall, you’ll be able to decorate however you want, and install just about anything your heart desires! Have any other advice on how to hang items in your RV? Leave us a comment!