Guide To The Best Of Park Model RVs

Whether you are looking for a vacation home, second house, camping lodge, or a portable space to live comfortably in full time, consider a park model RV! These spacious destination trailers typically come with everything you need and more, but it can be difficult to choose which is right for you! Here is our guide to picking the best of park model RVs!

What Is A Park Model RV?

Park model RVs are very similar to traditional RVs, but are more permanent in nature. They are typically larger and have more of a residential feel, but because they have wheels, they are still classified as recreational vehicles. This adds to the appeal of this type of RV as it can be set up permanently on purchased land, but can be moved to a different location if need be. They come in two sizes, with 8-foot and 12-foot options. Eight foot models can be hitched to a tow vehicle and transported, while 12-foot models are more permanent and must be moved by a professional transportation service. These trailers feature all the amenities of stick-and-brick houses that will let you feel right at home! Most have large kitchen areas with full-size appliances, spacious bedrooms, residential furniture, and even second stories, patios, and more. There are plenty of opportunities for customization to design it just how you want it!

What To Look For

The Location

Although it isn’t true for everyone, a good place to start when beginning the search for a park model RV is to consider where you are going to park your trailer. If you are going to park the trailer on your privately-owned property, there isn’t a lot you have to worry about. However, if you want to move into an RV resort or campground, it is important to find out ahead of time if they enforce any restrictions on park model RVs, as many do. It could be important to secure a location before purchasing a trailer, if you have a specific park in mind. It would be devastating to find out that your trailer doesn’t meet the requirements after you have already purchased it! It is also important to consider the purchasing location when buying your trailer. As park model RVs aren’t the easiest to transport and will want to be moved as little as possible, it is important to think of the trailer’s final destination. If you’re planning to move across the country, it might be a lot easier and cheaper to purchase your trailer in the area of its intended destination!


Most standard park model RVs will typically range anywhere between $15,000 to $50,000, while more elaborate models cost much more. It is very common for people to add numerous upgrades and build additions to their trailers for more space and better features! Some common additions include sun rooms, carports, garages, and more. Because modifying your park trailer can get costly quite quickly, it is recommended that you research and choose a layout with the desired amenities that is closest to your taste!


In consideration to location, many areas have restrictions on how many square feet you can have for a park trailer to still stay within the confines retaining the legal status of being considered a vehicle. In most places, park model homes must not exceed 400 square feet, or else they will lose their vehicle status and will therefore be subject to residential taxes. Some areas have some wiggle room as to what additions are allowed that won’t affect that law, however it is something to consider ahead of time!

Top Picks

At Gillette’s Interstate RV, we carry several brands of park model trailers, also referred to as destination trailers, that are amazing choices for your needs! Here are our top picks for the best park model trailers!

Salem Villa Estate

The Salem Villa Estate brand from Forest River is an excellent choice for a park model home! We carry several different floor plans for whatever your needs may be, with most coming equipped with magnificent large patio doors, multiple slide outs for spacious interiors, and carpeted rooms! We have bunkhouse trailers as well to accommodate families or those who anticipate visitors!

Catalina Destination

The Catalina Destination is the only park model RV currently available from Coachmen, and its loaded with impressive features! These lovely trailers boast spacious layouts that come with breakfast bars in most models, generous cabinet space, and spacious bathrooms! We carry bunkhouse models with this brand as well!

Sandpiper Destination

Another fantastic choice from Forest River, the Sandpiper Destination offers wonderful residential touches to make you feel right at home! Most models come equipped with a cozy fireplace that adds a welcoming touch of elegance, as well as walk-in glass door shower stalls, incredibly spacious bedrooms, and bountiful cabinet storage space! Hopefully this guide to the best of park model RVs and what to look for when purchasing has helped you toward making a well-informed decision when finding a trailer that is right for you! Whether you need a getaway space or are looking for the perfect space to settle down, make Gillette’s Interstate RV your choice for the best park model RV!