Getting Ready For Christmas – Hunt For Candy Canes!

Easter is long past, so an Easter egg hunt is probably out of the question if you’re looking for a fun and exciting Christmas activity! But why not take that same idea and use it for a fun Christmastime game that your little ones will definitely enjoy? Get everyone ready for Christmas and into the holiday spirit with a rousing hunt for candy canes!

Make Your Holiday Sweet

A candy cane scavenger hunt is the perfect festive activity to do whether you have one child or a classroom full of them! It’s so simple! Just hide candy canes around a room (or even the whole house)! Turn the kids loose and see if they can find every single candy cane! This is a fun, engaging, and inexpensive activity you can do with kids. Plus, they’ll get candy out of the deal, so everyone wins! This is a game that you can keep going too! Let the kids take a turn hiding the candy canes while you find them!

For younger kids, a candy cane scavenger hunt can be a great exercise for them on many levels! Tell them how many candy canes they have to find and then let them count them out as they go along. Test their math skills and have them figure out how many they have left to find! For older kids, you can extend the scavenger hunt beyond candy canes if you’re feeling creative! If you are playing with more than one or two kids, you could even throw in a candy cane or two that is a different color than the others, and whoever finds it wins a prize! You could also award a prize to whoever finds the most!

New Traditions

There are also a few fun ways to implement this game aside from just hiding the candy canes around the house! This is the perfect game for an Elf on the Shelf activity! Print off a card telling kids that the elf has hidden a certain amount of candy canes around the house and they have to find them! If you like to pair fun activities with advent calendars, this will be a perfect game! Just hide the same amount of candy canes for whichever day of the month it is and let the kids scour the house! If you need more ideas for a kids’ holiday party, just buy a few boxes of candy canes! This can also be a great new Christmas morning tradition: hide a select number of candy canes around the living room, and whoever finds the most gets to open the first present!

This simple and fun candy cane scavenger hunt may have you wondering why you’ve never thought of this before! It’s the perfect way to get everyone ready and in the spirit for Christmas! What other fun and creative activities or traditions does your family have to help celebrate the holiday season? Comment to share your neat festive ideas!