Enjoy Cold Weather Camping With These Great Tips

Saying goodbye to back porch barbecues, sun-kissed skin, and your favorite pair of flip flops can be a bittersweet moment once summer comes to an end. But just because summer takes a lot of great things with it when it goes, that doesn’t mean you have to let it take everything, especially not your fun camping trips! Believe it or not, winter camping has a lot of benefits all its own, like not having to swat away hordes of mosquitos or having to tolerate large crowds at your favorite camping locations. So if you want to bask in the beauty of crystal-coated tree branches and bright white landscape, pack up your outdoor gear and enjoy cold weather camping with these great tips!

Tip #1: Equip Your RV Wisely

Make sure your RV is equipped to handle cold temperatures before you brazenly dare to conquer blizzard-like conditions. Heated and enclosed holding tanks are a must, as is a high-output furnace. Some other cozy additions that will come in handy include electric fireplaces, subzero high-density insulation, heated seating, and thermopane windows. Make sure your RV is stocked with plenty of blankets and that you have plenty of fuel to keep your heater going. To make your RV more energy efficient, reinforce the seals and seams with a silicone caulk, and add Reflectix™ screens to all of your windows.

Tip #2: Dress Like An Onion

Layers, layers, and more layers! When you wear clothes that can easily be taken off or put on, you have a much better chance of being able to maintain a comfortable temperature as your activity level changes and your body temperature fluctuates. We recommend you start with a layer of long underwear made of thermal or wicking fabric. Then add on a breathable long-sleeved shirt followed by an insulating fleece top. Complete your layered ensemble with a lightweight, water-resistant jacket or a puffy down jacket depending on how cold it is. And don’t forget about accessories either! Bring a thick stocking cap, scarf, and a quality pair of gloves or mittens. Keep your feet nice and toasty by bringing along a pair of wool socks, and a well-insulated pair of waterproof boots too!

Tip #3: Be Smart About Your Setup

When looking for a place to camp, you’ll need to take more than just the surrounding scenery into consideration. Make yourself available to the sunshine by avoiding shaded spots, and try to angle your RV so that it can best soak up some of those early morning rays. If available, park in an area that provides natural protection against chilly wind gusts. If these are not available, at least position your RV so that the wind hits the rear of your trailer rather than its sides.

Tip #4: Pretend It’s Summer

While there might be some actual power in pretending, we aren’t suggesting that you treat the winter temperatures as if they were the blistering summer days you long for. Instead, we mean that you should keep some of your summer habits and carry them over to your winter camping excursions. For example, you still need to drink lots of water. It can be easy to get dehydrated in the winter because you aren’t constantly sweating and being reminded of how much fluid you’re losing. You’ll also want to wear sunscreen and sunglasses, because the sun reflecting off the snow can still leave you looking like a lobster.

While these cold weather camping tips might not make summer’s departure any less heartbreaking, hopefully they’ve given you the confidence to continue some of your favorite warm-weather activities all year round! Do you have any other great tips for winter camping? Let us know by leaving a comment!