DIY RVing: Make Your Own RV Gutters

If your RV doesn’t have gutters, you’ve probably experienced the downfalls already: walking outside and getting dripped on, black streaks running down the sidewalls, and not being able to divert rain water away from areas like windows or tent areas. Well, if you have no gutters, you’re in luck! We’re all about DIY RVing, and we are bringing you a couple of ways to make your own RV gutters!

PVC Gutters

PVC is a great supply for a lot of DIY projects. It’s inexpensive, durable, and can be painted any color! For gutters, the PVC comes in handy again! You will want to get schedule-40 PVC so it’s not really thick and heavy and it will fit into the groove on the top of the RV. Choose pipe that is around three quarters of an inch to an inch and a half in diameter. Measure the length of the RV where you want to gutter to go so you know how much to purchase. Once you have your PVC you need to cut it lengthwise down the middle. This can get a little tricky so use caution. A table saw will rip down the center, but will also take off some fingers. So ensure you have something you can use to push it though with. Now that your PVC is in half you can see your gutters starting to form. If you want to paint them, now is the time. Ensure it’s completely dry before handling. You will find a groove that runs along where the outside wall and the roof meet. This is where you will tuck one side of your newly made gutter. You may want an extra set of hands at this point to help you hold it. Secure the gutters at each end and then along the length with small screws. You now have a fully functional gutter that will direct the water to the edge and away from the outside wall of the RV! No more black streaks or getting dripped on!

Pool Noodle Gutters

The pool noodle gutter is a less permanent solution but works well in a pinch! It’s also great for pop ups! Just as you would with the PVC, you cut the noodle in half lengthwise. Tuck the noodle up under the ridge of the roof, using the tent and awning to help pin it there. You can secure it with duct tape if you want but it probably won’t hold well enough to tow, and may be a pain and a mess to remove when it’s time to go. These two solutions are great for those brave DIY-ers out there! If you don’t feel like making your own gutters there are plenty of store bought solutions out there. EZE RV Gutters are versatile and stay put once they’re on. You can also find places that will custom make gutters for your RV.

Let us know your solutions in the comments below!