Creative Ways To Make Money With Your RV

Let’s just get the obviously bad ideas out of the way right now. No, you cannot charge a fee for passers-by to come look at your RV. No, you probably will not get paid to enter your RV in a demolition derby. And you absolutely shouldn’t roll your RV off a cliff for the insurance money. If you do that last one, however, please film it and share on social media.

That being said, we hear a lot of different stories from customers about great ways to make money with your RV, and more being discovered or invented all the time! In fact, this often plays into their intended use for their new RV, which affects which model or style they choose with us. It doesn’t matter if you only camp on weekends, or if you are full-time RV enthusiasts living and working on the road; with a little creativity, glorious and bountiful streams of income can be had in no time.

RV related

This means that what you do for work is directly related to owning or using an RV, and it would thus be difficult to pull off if you didn’t have one at your disposal.

Rent out your RV

This is becoming a very popular method of extra income for RV owners. Think of it as a peer-to-peer service like Airbnb, except you rent the use of your RV for a set amount of days. Two of the most popular such services are Outdoorsy and RVShare. After you list photos and a description of your RV on the website, the renter simply looks up their desired pickup location by city and date, browses the listings, and picks the RV they like—hopefully yours. If you accept the dates they requested, they pay and pick up your rig, at which point the money is transferred to you. Just like a rental car, they agree to return your RV clean and with a full tank.

Mobile repair shop and/or service training

Technically, operating a mobile repair shop doesn’t necessarily require an RV per se, as you could offer this service from virtually any kind of truck or van. However, we’ve heard of several mechanically-minded individuals offering service training specific to RVs, and traveling to different venues around the country to demonstrate techniques on their own rig.

Non-RV related

We would define this category as not actually requiring RV ownership to work, but of course, full-timers can and do draw a good amount of income from sources like these.

Sell things

Quite literally, this is truly an unlimited opportunity. We’ve heard of almost everything, including antiques, stuffed animals, jewelry—you name it. Enterprising RVers will find cheap items at rummage sales, auctions, or shops, and resell them while traveling. You would be amazed at what people will buy. The mobility that RV life offers enables you to find a whole new potential market for your goods at the next stop.

Find work

Well, duh. But seriously, RVers can look at anything from seasonal help at an Amazon shipping center to temp work at farms or ranches to construction or tourism. Campgrounds are often looking for RV hosts, and “Workamping” has become a big thing recently. There are literally job boards full of positions that are catered specifically to RV owners, usually due to the short-term nature of the work. If you love to travel and find work where you can, this could be a great start.

Go remote

This is the big one. When you are at the point where you can work remotely from anywhere with a laptop and a Wi-Fi signal, you have pretty much unlimited freedom from a mobility standpoint. Some jobs are okay with you telecommuting on a full-time basis, which gives a bit more stability. Popular among RV and travel enthusiasts is offering freelance services (including writing/editing, marketing, photography, design, web development, programming, virtual assistant, transcription, medical coding, etc.), podcasting, blogging or vlogging, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and any number of literally hundreds of different ways to add revenue on the go—even if your home has wheels and moves around the country every so often.

Do you have any tips or stories about making money with your RV? Feel free to leave a comment below!