Common Travel Problems That Can Be Avoided With An RV

Rarely does everything go as planned when traveling. From time restraints to basic human error, something is bound to go wrong no matter how many precautions you take or how well you prepare. Travel can be stressful and making it from point A to point B almost never goes as smoothly as it could. But with an RV, you drastically reduce the amount of issues that can occur, and you also diminish the negative impact that they can have on your overall trip. Don’t believe us? Just check out these common travel problems that can be avoided with an RV!

Inflated Fees and Extra Charges

Businesses are always looking for ways to make a little extra off their customers, and unfortunately for you this means experiencing added charges and absurd fees that you hadn’t calculated into your budget. For example, airlines will often overcharge for baggage fees, and hotels will inflate the price of your room if you want pet-friendly accommodations. With an RV, you can pack along as much as you want, free of charge, and your furry friends can tag along too without any extra costs!

Hygienic Hardships and Lack of Privacy

Public restrooms are anything but glamorous and don’t even get us started on all the fluids, germs, and invisible pests that can be found in hotel rooms. With an RV, you can enjoy privacy as you do your bathroom business, and you can do it in an environment that is cleaned to your own personal standards. And you can also say goodbye to those creepy-crawly bedbugs and unsettling stains too, because you won’t have to share your RV bed with anyone that you don’t want to!

Lost Luggage and Misplaced Documents

Airlines are notorious for losing luggage, and nothing puts a damper on a vacation quite like having to wait for your suitcase to arrive. With an RV, you can keep track of everything you’ve packed without having to rely on others to do it for you. But it isn’t just airline attendants that misplace things. If you ever lose an important travel document or item yourself, you won’t have to bother backtracking through all the places you’ve stayed in or stopped at. Instead, you’ll just have to give your rig a sweep as it is most likely tucked away within.

Delayed/Missed/Overbooked Flights

When you book a plane ticket, you are instantly put onto someone else’s time schedule. This means that if you’re running late, they’re not going to wait for you to arrive. And if they’re the ones running late, they don’t mind making you wait. And if a flight is overbooked, you could be bumped from the plane altogether! Airlines are also becoming less accommodating to families, making parents separate from their kids and sit in different areas of the plane. With an RV, you decide your own pace, you’re the one calling the shots, and you get to keep your family together as you travel.

An RV might just seem like a fun way to explore the country, and it is! But an RV is also a better, smarter, and more convenient way to travel when compared to other methods. In most cases, traveling is about making it to your intended location, but with an RV the journey to get you there becomes just as fun and enjoyable as the destination itself!