Why You Should Have a VPN While Out RVing


Back in the days of yore, RVing was a way of life, more so than a means of escape. To travel any great distance, you would hitch up your covered wagon, plant one on your wife and kids, and head over the prairie with a rifle and faithful dog at your side. Wolves or other wild animals would have a bad day if you saw them first, and after running out of ammunition, you would also have a bad day.

How times have changed. Today, RVing is a recreation, a way to get out into nature, a family activity, a way to make new friends, and a lifestyle. Until fairly recently, the idea of taking electronics with you while camping or traveling to remote regions was unheard of, except for the odd TV. What’s the point of leaving city life behind if you end up taking it with you instead of enjoying the great outdoors? At least, that’s what the older generation would tell us. Turns out they were only partially right.

Winds of Change

Thanks in part to the recession in 2008, which forced thousands of newly-jobless individuals to learn quickly how to start their own business, and in part to the advent of mobile technology over the last decade or two, RV enthusiasts now find being connected a much more integral part of their daily lifestyle. A growing number derive their income from working on the road, with nothing more than a phone or laptop and a good connection to put bread on the table.

While there are enough challenges to finding a decent Wi-Fi signal while traveling, keeping your devices and your data private is important on a public network. If you frequent coffee shops, libraries, or other public buildings, your data is more or less open for digital theft. Similarly, if you are operating on your own private network in a campsite or on the move, it’s wise to keep yourself protected.

Burglar Proofing

Ward off hackers and evildoers with a VPN. That stands for Virtual Private Network, and when activated, it casts confusion and blindness in the face of those who try to reach out and take. Most such programs and apps have an on/off switch so you can enable it as needed. This technology enables you to connect to any network anonymously and scrambles the signal so your activity cannot be tracked or cracked.

Some of the better VPN services include F-Secure Freedome, ExpressVPN, and Private Internet Access. Most will offer monthly or yearly subscriptions, and let you choose which country’s server you’d like to connect through. Our personal favorite is Tasmania. The Opera internet browser actually includes a basic built-in VPN function, as well as a standalone free VPN mobile app, so that may be an option for some.

Don’t Cheapskate

Just remember, you often get what you pay for, so a free VPN might be doing you more harm than good—like allowing its parent company full access to your data while supposedly shielding it from others, or failing to completely protect your connection at all. Ask yourself, how does a “free VPN” make its money? The answer might have something to do with acquiring and selling off your private info. Research VPN options, do your homework, and go with a reputable company that has a solid track record, even if it costs a bit more. Try putting a price on the alternative, and you’ll quickly find that you can’t.

So blaze the wild frontiers of the online and the interwebs and the digital nomad life. Be safe, though, and put up a solid barricade between your valuable data and the miscreants looking to misbehave. Get a good VPN service and surf in safety.

Renovating a Pop-Up Camper On a Budget

Here at Gillette’s, our fantastic and easy trade-in process means that we always have a slew of great RVs coming in, and I just can’t help but feel my DIY skills tingling when I see those older models! I’ve seen my fair share of RV makeovers out there, especially on pop-up campers! My sister and I have been toying with the idea of going halvsies on a used pop-up and are going crazy on the DIY, which would honestly be just as much fun as actually going on camping adventures in it! This gives me the perfect excuse to research some DIY ideas while showing you just how easy it is to renovate a pop-up camper on a budget!

Finding a Good Pop-Up

You can’t do a good pop-up renovation without a decent pop-up! Renovating should only be done on a used pop-up, or one that you don’t care about having a warranty on. Most of these projects will definitely void manufacturer’s and extended warranties on new pop-ups, so keep that in mind! We always have used pop-ups coming in here at Gillette’s Interstate RV, so be sure to check in often if you’re in the market for a fantastic used model! If you find an older one, don’t let the age of it deter you from considering it. We have had some pop-up models as old as 1996 that have been in nearly pristine condition! Used pop-ups are kind of like a diamond in the rough, so keep your eyes peeled for roadside sales, or for the best deals and the highest quality, just keep checking in-store or at gillettesintertaterv.com!

When choosing a used RV, you’ll want to take a good, critical look at every aspect of the pop-up. You’ll mainly want to keep an eye out for canvas or body damage, as well as water damage. A hole in the canvas isn’t the end of the world, but if the canvas as a whole is in bad shape, a re-canvassing of the entire pop-up could be in order, taking this venture from a relatively inexpensive DIY to a costly professional job. Also, look for holes or cracks in the sidewalls or roof, and check the entire inside for water damage or mold. If you find any of these things, we say give that unit a pass and move on to the next one.

Fabrics—The Easiest Pop-Up Makeover

Pop-ups that are just 5-10 years old can look super dated, and don’t even get me started on the crazy-hideous styles you find in pop-ups from the 90s (sorry to all those who love 90s pop-ups)! The easiest way to transform your pop-up’s interior is to redo all the fabric surfaces! Head down to your local craft or fabric store and start your search in the clearance section! Find something that fits your family’s style, or pick a certain theme or color scheme to decorate around. If you find a fabric outside of the clearance section, wait until a sale comes up, or keep your eyes peeled for coupons! The beauty is that you can choose literally whatever pattern you like to make your pop-up totally unique to your style! Take that, uninspired RV interior designers!

Before you head out, make sure to evaluate approximately how much yardage you’ll need, and which items you’ll be redoing. Consider making some new window curtains, bunk curtains, recovering dinette cushions, and any other cushion or curtain that you may find. This is doable whether you’re handy with a sewing machine or not, as there are plenty of no-sew and machine-friendly curtain and cushion cover tutorials out there. A little color goes a long way when it comes to new fabrics in your used pop-up!

Give Your Cabinets New Life With a Paint Job

Though it’s more of an undertaking, a new paint job can take those cabinets from “90s hot mess” to “modern Pinterest dream” without too much work. Choose a paint color that strikes your fancy. It seems that the trend right now is lighter-colored cabinets, from stark white to a pleasant eggshell color. The lighter colors seem to blend nicely with colorful linens and can adapt to new renovations in the future.

It also seems to be a trend (although a bit of a fizzling one) to use chalkboard paint on different components of the pop-up. Painting the doors of under-dinette cupboards looks like a cool idea, so you can jot down exactly what’s stashed inside without having to dig around for something that’s not even in there. Another idea out there is to cover the dinette table in chalkboard paint, which could be super fun for kids, but seems like it could get really messy really quickly.

Make It Your Own With Unique Decor

Another fun component to renovating your pop-up is finding awesome coordinating decor to take your camper to the next level! I can’t be the only one here who gets an absolute thrill from finding the perfect piece of decor that fits a theme! Any excuse to visit the craft store/home decor store/secondhand store, am I right? Hit up places like TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Marshall’s, Hobby Lobby, and even your local Goodwill for awesome and unique decor and to save money! Or if you’re like me, troll around Amazon and other online retailers to score some good deals! It’ll be easy to go over your renovation budget by splurging on decor, but have some self restraint and hunt around for the best possible deals!

Be on the lookout for fun coordinating throw pillows, bedding for your bunks, bunting and garlands, LED battery-operated fairy lights or fun string lights, plants, and other fun pieces! Just keep in mind that these will need to be able to be packed up when it’s time to leave, so maybe avoid extremely fragile items or large items that don’t store well. Sure, you want a cute space, but don’t forget that you’re going to be camping … out in the wilderness … with bugs, dirt, and maybe even messy kids. You can go full-blown Martha Stewart on your pop-up if you want, but just be prepared for real life too! Try to find pieces that are both decorative and functional, like baskets, shelves, door mats, cute kitchen utensils and decor, and more. That way you can still make great use of the space you have without sacrificing the theme that you’re trying to build up!

What do you think? Are you ready for a pop-up renovation on a budget? Giving a pop-up a makeover is definitely like a twofer, as you’ll have the opportunity to get really crafty, then you’ll get to head out for camping adventures in a cute space! Just remember, we definitely have some hidden gems as far as used RVs go here at Gillette’s Interstate RV! We also have a wonderful selection of new RVs for sale near Lansing for all you DIY inept, so shop now and save big! Have you renovated an RV, or have neat DIY ideas for decor? Share pictures of your pop-up or RV renovation, or share your thoughts on unique RV makeovers! We’re excited to see how you’ve turned drab into fab!

Your Pet’s Favorite RVs For Road Tripping

In the market for a new RV? For you animal-loving RVers out there, you’ll probably be looking for an RV that’s comfortable not only for yourself, but also one that is comfortable for your beloved pets! It can be hard to find an RV that fits yours and your pets’ needs, as RVs sadly just aren’t designed with pets in mind. That doesn’t mean there aren’t RVs out there that will accommodate your favorite pet! We’ve compiled a list of your pet’s favorite RVs for road tripping so everyone will be comfortable, no matter whether you have two legs or four!

Coachmen Catalina SBX Travel Trailer

If your four-legged friend is tired of ruffing it in a pup tent, put a roof over his head with a comfortable travel trailer like the Catalina SBX! These trailers are fairly simple, with straightforward layouts so you can always keep an eye on your pets. The Catalina SBX features quite a few models with private bunkhouses, which provide a nice open space for a pet bed so Barkley can snooze with the kids! Outside pets will enjoy lazing around in the shade of the power awning or begging for scraps while you cook at the outside kitchen that some models feature!

Forest River Flagstaff Classic Folding Pop-Up

If you have an adventurous pooch who loves splashing in the water, hiking the trails, or even going for a nice canoe ride, a pop-up camper is perfect for those simple getaways with man’s best friend. These are great for families too, with slide-out tent-covered beds at each end. If it’s just you and your four-legged friend, he can have a whole bunk to himself! Or if you have the room to spare, he can stretch out on the convertible bed or gaucho sofa. Canines will also love a tent camper for the fact that they’ll be able to peek out the screen windows to patrol the campsite and intimidate any intruders!

DRV Suites Mobile Suites Fifth Wheel

For more pampered pets, an upscale rig may be needed! Mobile Suites are a great choice, and give pets plenty of homelike space to roam freely and feel right at home. Dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, you name it, they’ll love it! Just imagine your pup getting cozy in front of the fireplace, or your feline companion curling up on the lovely Franklin brand residential furniture (no scratching, please!). If you have naughty beggars, they’ll love the gorgeous and spacious kitchen where you can cook up delicious meals while they fantasize about catching some table scraps! If you have to leave your pets alone in the RV, the ducted A/C system will keep them cool on hot days while the large LED smart HDTV will keep them company with their favorite shows!

Jayco Greyhawk Prestige Class C Motorhome

Taking your kitty cat along for the ride? Travel in a way that’s comfortable for her! If your cat is anything like mine, she probably hates car rides, and will spend the duration of the ride crying in her carrier. My cat Georgie is perfectly fine if she’s allowed to roam around the car, so if your pet has travel anxiety, a motorhome could be the purrfect answer! Instead of confining your pet to your tow vehicle or kennel, let her roam around during travel in a motorhome like the lovely Greyhawk Prestige! The residential space will give pets more room to roam around and make them feel at home, reducing anxiety and allowing her to come to passengers for comfort. Plus, it’s a lot less jostling than letting her loose unsupervised in a travel trailer while moving, which we definitely do not recommend! Just be sure to secure anything that could fall and hurt your pet!

Heartland Torque Toy Hauler

If you’re a family who loves adventure and has a pet who keeps right up with you, a Torque toy hauler is exactly what you need! Not only do they have wonderful living spaces, but they also have spacious rear garage areas that are both great for hauling big motorized adventure vehicles and cargo, and also transform into sleeping spaces for kids or guests! These garages are perfect for those times where you may have to leave Fido behind while out exploring. A rubberized floor is easy to clean in case of accidents, and ducted A/C and heat to the garage will ensure that your four-legged friend will stay comfortable in any weather. And on nice days, pets will love hanging out in front of the rear pull-down screen to enjoy the sunshine and a nice breeze!

What do you think of these pet recommendations for their favorite RVs for road tripping? When you choose the right RV for both you and your pet, everyone will be able to travel happily and comfortably! Here at Gillette’s Interstate RV, deals are raining down like cats and dogs! Stop by and save $1000s on Fluffy’s top RV pick today! We send our competitors off with their tails between their legs in shame—they think we’re bird-brained for offering prices this low and they just can’t match them! Come on down today or shop our full inventory of RVs for sale in Michigan right now online, anywhere in the country! Hit the road with your best friend and make memories that’ll last for many dog years! Get shopping right meow!

Easy Tips For Cleaning Your RV Grill!

Last summer, my fiancé decided to get the grill out of the garage for the first barbecue of the season, and after a terrifying battle against the big spindly spiders that decided to nest underneath, he opened it up. What did he find? RUST. Mr. Grill Master Supreme tried to insist with ignorant optimism that it would be fine, but burgers with extra tetanus were a mega no-go for me and his sister.

What was the problem here? As I gave him some serious side eye while pan frying burgers inside, I told him that if only he had cleaned the grill more often, we wouldn’t be in this situation right now! I get it; it’s not fun trudging back outside after your meal to scrape all the burnt stuff off the grill grates, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult chore! With an ongoing search for a new grill, and the peace of mind knowing I just got my tetanus shot, I grudgingly think that if only my fiancé had known these easy tips for cleaning our RV grill, we’d probably be grilling up some tasty meats and veggies right now! Try these tips out and avoid our mistakes!

Use Your Grill To Clean Your Grill

Before you start searching far and wide for the holy grail of grill cleaning, simply try turning your grill up to burn off any stuck-on bits and leftover residue on the grates. If the mess isn’t too stuck on, it should burn right off! Use your grill brush to get more stubborn residue off, and you’ll be left with a clean grill that’s ready to use! Just be careful that you don’t let your grill sit on high heat for too long, or components of your grill may melt or get damaged. If that doesn’t work …

Try a Self-Cleaning Oven

If you have access to a self-cleaning oven, this could work well to clean your RV grill’s grates! A self-cleaning oven heats up to a high temperature to carbonize reside, turning it to ash and leaving your oven clean. So stick your grill grates in and set the cycle! It’ll have the same effect as cleaning your oven and leave grill grates clean for your next barbecue.

Give Oven Cleaner a Try

If you’re out camping and don’t have access to a self-cleaning oven, try regular oven cleaner! After your RV’s grill has cooled completely, remove the grate and place it in a garbage bag. Spray oven cleaner into the bag, coating the grate completely, then close the bag and let it sit overnight. Rinse it off in the morning and use a brush to remove any remaining residue or food bits.

Stop Messes Before They Happen

Cooking with foil can be like a dream come true sometimes. I use it all the time in my home’s oven to cover baking sheets and they don’t get dirty or gross at all! Apply that same train of thought to your RV grill! Cover grates with aluminum foil, shiny side down, fire up the grill, and let the foil warm up before cooking. All you’ll have to do is remove the foil and move on with your life!

Always Oil Up Your Grill

Before you slap on that juicy steak or plunk down some kebabs, make sure you brush oil on your grill’s grates to avoid sticking! Before you light the grill, pour a small amount of an oil with a high smoke point (canola, sunflower, peanut oil, etc.) onto a paper towel and brush it onto the grates. You can do this after the grill is lit too, just use tongs to move the paper towel around. Don’t use too much oil, or you could cause flames to catch the oil. Also, if you want to use a cooking spray instead, ALWAYS use it on a cold grill! Sprays are incredibly flammable, and your pork chops won’t be the only barbecued meat out there!

Now that you know these easy tips for cleaning your RV grill, who’s ready for barbecue season? Cleaning your RV grill doesn’t have to be a big chore, so just take a few minutes to make sure that your grill is ready to go for your next cookout or else you could be dining on rust chicken or brisket à la burned-bits-from-last-week’s-hamburgers. NO THANKS!

Grilling is an art and a passion, and here at Gillette’s Interstate RV, we are delighted to offer a large selection of RVs for sale near Lansing that feature their own gas grill, or come standard with grill prep! Not only can you head out on camping adventures, but you can grill up your most mouthwatering recipes no matter where you go! We may not be the best bbq shop in the state, but we’re definitely your go-to RV dealership in Michigan!

Have any other easy and effective grill cleaning tips? Leave us a comment to share your tips with others!

Massive Inventory Clearance Sale

April 24th through April 29th is your chance to knock even more off our extremely low prices! It’s time to clear out the lot to make room for new inventory so we’re dropping prices to an all-time low. Give us a call, stop in, or check out everything we have on our website! Here’s just a small sample of what you can expect to see!

Travel Trailers

2016 Freedom Express Special Edition 25SE

This 2016 Freedom Express Special Edition is perfect for the family on the go. It’s got sleeping space for up to eight and a slideout in the center that opens up the living area and kitchen. You don’t have to have a massive RV to take the kids camping. This unit is only 28′ 7″ long and has a dry weight of 4,980 lbs. Along with this, some of the features you’ll find in it include:

    • CoachNet Roadside Assistance

    • Power awning

    • Heated & enclosed underbelly

    • Outside shower

    • Ducted furnace and A/C

    • LED TV

    • Dinette that converts into a bed

    • Triple burner cooktop and oven

    • 6 cu. ft. refrigerator

    • Double-sized bunks

    • Full bath

    • Queen master bed

To check out all the photos and info on this unit, click here!

2016 Freedom Express Liberty Edition 321FEDS

Whether you’re the adventurous couple on the go or a small family who likes to travel, you’ll find plenty of space in this 2016 Freedom Express Liberty Edition 321FEDS. It sleeps up to 6 and has a private master bedroom in the rear. Some of the great features you’ll find in this unit include:

    • Power tongue and stabilizer jacks

    • Outside kitchen

    • Ducted furnace and upgraded 15K BTU A/C

    • Solid surface countertops

    • 8 cu. ft. refrigerator

    • Hide-a-bed sofa & convertible dinette

    • Theater seating

    • 32″ LED TV & fireplace

    • Large shower w/ seat

    • Queen bed

More photos and information on this unit can be found here.

2017 R-Pod 171

This compact 2017 R-Pod 171 will give you everything you need and then some. Great for a beginner RV or for a downgrade when you no longer need a ton of space. It’s mostly for a bachelor/bachelorette or a couple but it does have added sleeping space to fit a guest along for the ride. Inside this small and easy-to-tow RV you’ll find:

    • Self-adjusting brakes

    • Rear pass-thru storage

    • 20K BTU furnace & 13.5K BTU A/C

    • Double burner cooktop and convection microwave

    • 19″ LED TV

    • Dinette that converts into a bed

    • Wet bath

    • Queen rear bed

Start your adventure with this 2017 R-Pod 171 today by clicking here.

Fifth Wheels

2015 Cedar Creek 38CK

This new 2015 Cedar Creek 38CK offers all the comforts of home on the road for an amazing price. Dual slides in the rear and a single slide in the front open up the layout to give you plenty of space to move around. Inside this breathtaking fifth wheel you’ll find:

    • Auto leveling system

    • Tinted Thermopane windows

    • Twin 13.5K BTU A/Cs and 40K BTU furnace

    • 46″ LED TV & fireplace

    • La-Z-Boy® furniture

    • 20 cu. ft. refrigerator & large pantry

    • Washer/dryer hookups

    • Large shower w/ seat

    • King bed with Serta® mattress

Take a look at the layout and photos of this unit by clicking here!

2016 North Point 383FLFS

A very home-like layout is found in this 2016 North Point 383FLFS along with a host of amenities. The front living room offers dual opposing slides which opens it up to provide tons of seating for you and guests. Some of the features you’ll find are:

    • 6 pt. auto leveling system

    • Indoor/outdoor central vacuum

    • Triple A/C units and 35K BTU furnace

    • FranklinTM furniture

    • Big screen LED HDTV and fireplace

    • 32″ bedroom TV

    • Under bed storage

    • Queen bed w/ memory foam mattress

Take a look at this fifth wheel now before someone else scoops it up.

2016 Sandpiper 381RBOK

A lifetime of memories can be made with your family in this 2016 Sandpiper 381RBOK. It’s got two full baths, a spacious bunkhouse for the kids, a private master suite for mom and dad, and a comfortable living area & kitchen where everyone can come together. Check out this impressive fifth wheel bunkhouse that includes:

    • 6 pt. auto leveling system

    • Heated & enclosed underbelly

    • Upgraded R-38E roof and floor insulation

    • Outdoor kitchen

    • Quad entry steps

    • Entrance to rear bath from exterior

    • Dual 15K BTU ducted A/Cs & 35K BTU furnace

    • Solid surface countertops

    • Hide-a-bed sofa in living room

    • 40″ TV and fireplace

    • Two bunks and a hide-a-bed sofa in bunkhouse

    • Walk-in shower w/ seat in master bath

    • Washer/dryer prep

    • Queen bed with Serta® memory foam mattress

Don’t let this amazing deal slip by! Click here for more photos and to request a price.

2015 Road Warrior RW415

If ORVs are your game, this new 2015 Road Warrior RW415 is just what you need. With a 12′ garage in the rear for your toys and a comfortable living area up front, you can’t beat this rig. Some of the features included with this RV are:

    • 6 pt. auto leveling system

    • 5.5 KW Onan generator

    • Cargo capacity of up to 3,314 lbs.

    • Thick insulation for 0° F usage

    • Ramp door converts to patio and includes additional awning

    • 30-gallon fuel station

    • Electric queen bed and sofas in garage

    • Dual 15K BTU A/Cs & 35K BTU furnace

    • Queen-sized loft

    • Large L-shaped sofa

    • 50″ LCD HDTV & fireplace

    • Entrance to master bath from hall and bedroom

    • Washer/dryer prep

    • Queen bed w/ pillow top mattress

Get your toys ready to go, and click here for more info on this RV. But hurry! It won’t be here for long.

Why Shop Gillette’s Interstate RV

From down the road or across the country, tons of RVers choose Gillette’s Interstate RV for their purchase. Some ask why, especially to the customers who live out of state, or even out of the country. Here’s why you can count on Gillette’s Interstate RV from anywhere in the world:

    • Factory Direct Pricing: saves you thousands

    • Worldwide Delivery: brings your rig to your door

    • In-House Financing: easy no-money-down special financing you can apply for right from your home

    • Trade-In: leave the old RV here and take off for adventure

    • Huge Selection: if we don’t have it on the lot, we’ll order it for you

    • Awesome Website: see our inventory, their photo galleries, and take a virtual tour any time, from anywhere

    • Trusted Certified Technicians: prep your RV before you leave, show you how to work everything, and we’re there for maintenance and repairs if you need it

With all this the question is, why would you pay thousands more to shop at another dealership? Give us a call and we’ll ensure your RV buying experience is as fun as it will be to use it.

Beat the Summer Heat In Our Top RV Picks For Summertime!

Ready for the summer to be here? We sure are! It’s time to get ready for camping adventures, but if you find that a new RV is on your summer wishlist, you’re in luck! We’re so excited for warm weather and awesome camping trips, we’ve scoured our entire inventory of RVs for sale in Saginaw and have selected our top RV picks for summertime! Beat the heat and head out for adventure! Give them a look then head down to your favorite Michigan RV dealer, Gillette’s Interstate RV, and find out how you can drive away with one of these beauties!

Heartland Cyclone 3611

For those of you with an adventurous side, this mind-blowing Cyclone 3611 toy hauler is perfect for any summer excursion! It’s great for full-throttle families, with plenty of sleeping space, an 11-foot rear garage for snowmobiles, motorcycles, golf carts, and more, and even has one and a half bathrooms for ultimate convenience! When you need to cool off after hitting the trails, not one, but two 15,000 BTU A/C units will surely cool you off, and you won’t even hear a thing with the great “whisper quiet” system. If you’re camping in extreme heat, consider adding the optional third A/C unit and you’ll be as chill as a cucumber. There is even an A/C vent in the bathroom so you don’t sweat your rear end off trying to doing your hair with your styling appliances! If it’s a nice summery day and you’d like to enjoy the breeze, the rear garage features an awesome electric rear screen that lets the air circulate through the cargo space! The huge window behind the sofa in the central living area will also allow the interior to get some air flow, making for a comfortable summer afternoon or evening.

Jayco Jay Feather X23F

If you like to keep your camping experiences a little more down to earth, the Jay Feather X23F provides exceptional, easy comfort for your summer camping trips! With three slide-out tent-covered beds, it is solely meant for summer travel, meaning it’s designed with your comfort in mind! Each of these slide-out beds are covered with Jayco’s DuraTek vinyl tent material that is both water repellant and resistant to scratches, and also features great zippered windows. This means you’ll be protected from bugs and the weather, but can let in a nice breeze when you want it. Unzip all three tent ends and in combination with the breeze from your front screen door, you’ll get a refreshing breeze from every direction! If the temperatures reach sweltering heights, this Jay Feather also comes with a 13,500 BTU A/C unit so you can beat the heat indoors! This hybrid even comes with a large 16-foot power awning with LED lighting, so you can kick back in the shade and listen to your favorite tunes through the great marine-grade speakers as a gentle summer breeze washes over you!

Forest River Wildcat 29RKP

Looking for the perfect party RV? This amazing Wildcat 29RKP has it all! If you love being the life of the party, this spectacular fifth wheel will make your campsite the place where everyone wants to hang out all summer! This model comes with a sweet patio party deck, where you can host awesome game nights, breezy summer dinner parties, or just hang out and chill. This patio is complete with its own power awing, an exterior entertainment center with a TV bracket so you can bring your huge 50-inch LED HDTV, and also has an unbelievably handy mini fridge so you don’t have to keep running in and out to get your guests a cold one! If you want to take a break from the humid night air, step through the great sliding patio door and head to the spacious rear kitchen where there is tons of solid surface counter space so you have room to mix up delicious handmade cocktails, or even blend up a margarita! There’s still enough room to set up a slow cooker or two so you can serve your guests yummy homemade snacks!

Coachmen Catalina Legacy Edition 323BHDSCK

This travel trailer is the ultimate for summer fun! The Catalina Legacy Edition 323BHDSCK is a fun family bunkhouse model with tons of space for the family to hang out! It features a great 13,500 BTU ducted A/C system that delivers blasts of cold air throughout the unit so you can escape the scorching hot temperatures. This RV is so awesome though, you’ll want to spend as much time outside as possible. A fantastic outdoor kitchen is perfect for tailgating or hanging around the campsite, complete with a pull-out grill, mini fridge, sink, and cabinet space for easy-to-grab snacks. There’s also an exterior mount so you can bring your 32-inch LED TV outside and catch the big game! You’ll also really appreciate the remote-operated 21-foot awning which provides valuable shade during the sunny hours, and features LED lighting in the nighttime darkness! In fact, Catalina Legacy Edition trailers come standard with an awesome Starlight System, which illuminates the area under the chassis so you won’t have to worry about tripping once you’re away from the glow of the campfire!

Forest River Salem Villa Estate 4092BFL

Does your family like to get away for the whole summer? If you’re dedicated to staying in one spot, this Salem Villa Estate 2092BFL park model trailer is perfect! It combines cottage living with the conveniences of an RV, resulting in incredibly enjoyable times getting away from it all! Whether you’re living in this trailer full-time during the summer, or just spending every weekend here, you’ll appreciate just how easy this setup makes life! This awesome RV has two floors, complete with a second story loft for the kids so they can have their own space to hang out and stay out of your hair! You’ll definitely be able to beat the heat, with a ducted Dometic brand central A/C system with 15,000 BTU output and quick cool so once those temperatures start to rise, you won’t even break a sweat! For those more mild days, the front living area of this unit has a superb residential ceiling fan that will keep the air coming in from the open windows circulating and cooling you down! What do you think? If you weren’t pining for summer before, you definitely will be now! If you are interested in finding out more about these magnificent RVs that are perfect for summer, head down and see us today here at Gillette’s! We take great pride in offering the most exceptional selection of RVs for sale so you can get out and enjoy the great outdoors as much as we do! Come find out more about our special, affordable financing plans that won’t let you go for broke this summer, and we make it easy to trade in your current RV so you can enjoy one of these great new setups! Which one of these are you excited to take a look at? Comment to let us know, or if you already own one of these spectacular rigs, share how much you love your RV!

The Importance Of An RV Water Pressure Regulator

There is nothing better in the great outdoors than stepping into a hot shower that has a steady stream of water when you want to freshen up. And there’s nothing worse than pipes that have exploded from too much water pressure. So what’s a person to do? How do you achieve that balance of nice water pressure without the risk of bursting your pipes? You invest in a water pressure regulator and use it every time you hook up your RV’s plumbing to a campground water supply, of course! Let’s look at the importance of using a water pressure regulator in your RV and you won’t even dare traveling without one.

How a Water Pressure Regulator Works

A water pressure regulator serves a very important purpose and could save you from having to repair your RV’s plumbing from a high-pressure disaster! A water pressure regulator is a valve that reduces the water pressure coming from a main water source, such as a campground water supply, to a safe level before it reaches your RV’s plumbing. The most effective way to use it is to attach it directly to the campground’s water supply so it can adjust the water pressure before it reaches your hose. If it’s attached to your RV instead of the campground water spigot, really high water pressure can blow your hose apart. So by attaching it to the campground water supply, you’re not only protecting your RV’s pipes but also your water hose too!

Acceptable Water Pressure For an RV

While newer RVs state that their plumbing system can handle a water pressure of up to 100psi, it’s highly recommended that you do not exceed 60psi. And for older models, it’s best to stay around 45-50psi to protect the older pipes. When camping in the mountains, it’s very possible that the campground water supply may be located at a higher elevation than the campground. This causes the pressure of the water to be higher since it’s essentially rushing downhill into your hose. And it’s very possible that the pressure behind this water exceeds a safe level, putting your RV’s plumbing system at risk!

Water pressure in a campground can also fluctuate greatly depending on the time of day. If you use a water pressure gauge – another handy tool you should keep in your RV toolbox – to test a campground’s water pressure, you may see very different readings during the day than at night. A reading from 10am, when people are busy using their sinks and showers, may show a very low water pressure since so many people are pulling water from the source at the same time. However if you take a reading at 10pm when most people have turned in or are just lounging by the campfire, it will most likely show a higher psi reading since not many people are using water at that time. Since there can be such big discrepancies in the water pressure that flows from a campground water supply, it’s not enough to just test it with a gauge. Always use your water pressure regulator to avoid a costly and avoidable mistake!

Risks Of Excessive Water Pressure

If you happen to find yourself setting up camp and are affixing your water hose to the campground spigot without a water pressure regulator (don’t do this!), you are taking your chances with unpredictable campground water pressure. If it exceeds the recommended 45-60psi (depending on if your RV is newer or not), the high water pressure can burst your RV’s pipes, cause leaks, and loosen connections within the plumbing system. All of these are things you’ll want to avoid, as any water damage to your RV is disastrous, just like at home!

Choosing a Water Pressure Regulator

For under $60, you can ensure that your RV’s plumbing system is protected from damaging water pressure. Trumeters, Valterra, and Camco all make quality regulators and receive great reviews for their products. Before you buy, do your research so you can make an informed decision. Contact us at Gillette’s in East Lansing, MI, for recommendations and to answer any of your RV-related questions.

While there are lots of moving parts (literally!) with owning an RV, you won’t regret one minute of your time spent enjoying the great outdoors with your loved ones! Unplugging from technology and work and recharging your family bonds will create memories that’ll last a lifetime. Let us here at Gillette’s Interstate RV help you find the perfect RV for your camping needs! Our impressive inventory of new and used travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and more bursts our competitors’ bubbles because they just can’t compete! With our special no-money-down financing, you’ll save $1000s when you shop with us!

March Madness Road to the Final Four Sale

March Madness is here and we’re offering you the opportunity to score yourself a new RV for a fraction of the regular price! From March 13th through the 18th you can take your shot and head home with the RV of your dreams. Dribble on in to see what the hype is all about!

Pick Your Team

Toy hauler, fifth wheel, travel trailer, or motorhome? Which team will be making a fast break for your driveway? You can call or stop into the dealership for some one-on-one to narrow it down, or take a look at some of the top players of each team below!

Team Fifth Wheel

If you’re looking for a good-sized RV that you can tow, then a 5th wheel is the way to go! Since they mount over the rear axle of the tow vehicle, towing an RV of this size is easier and more manageable. So who are the top players in the fifth wheel game? Take a look!

Mobile Suites

If you like to go camping but don’t want to sacrifice the luxuries you’re used to at home, then you’re in for a treat. Mobile Suites packs a punch with all the home-like amenities you could want! It starts with hand-laid vinyl plank tile and residential rebond carpet with pad. To complement the flooring they install beautiful cabinets, stainless steal appliances, and solid surface countertops in the kitchen, plush Franklin furniture in the living room, and a huge king bed with innerspring mattress in the bedroom. You can catch each game on the massive 55″ TV found in the living room and there’s even a 32″ TV in the bedroom for the non-fan! Check out our Mobile Suites collection here!


The Eagle is one of Jayco’s best-selling fifth wheels! This rig offers plenty of residential amenities but isn’t quite as sophisticated as the Mobile Suites. If you like the idea of having comfortable amenities but don’t need all the flair, check these out! Under your feet you’ll find IVC® TrekkTM vinyl flooring and Shaw® carpeting, complete with pad and R2X® stain guard. Then you’ll see comfortable furniture in the living room, eye catching cabinets and solid surface countertops in the kitchen, and a queen bed topped with a Simmons® mattress in the bedroom! The living room holds a large 48″ TV perfect for watching the game and a hide-a-bed sofa in case one of your guests wants to stay the night! There’s plenty of hot water to go around the next morning as the water heater can produce nearly 18 gallons per hour! Want to see the Eagle layouts? Click here!


The Chaparral is a comfortable fifth wheel at a great price! It offers solid construction and that home-like feel you desire, just without all the expensive extras. You’ll find a hide-a-bed sofa in the living room for those overnight guests. The kitchen has a double-door refrigerator so you can keep the all-important snacks and drinks cold. And the bedroom has a queen bed topped with a memory foam mattress for a great night’s sleep. Once you add on the optional LED TV, you have the perfect spot to watch the game! Check out the Chaparral selection here!

Team Travel Trailer

If you’re looking for something a little smaller that can be towed from the bumper of your vehicle, then check out our huge line-up of travel trailers. You’ll find everything from large destination trailers for longer stays to small trailers made for the weekend warriors. Here are our MVPs from team travel trailer!

Jay Flight

The Jay Flight is the #1 top-selling travel trailer in the U.S. and it’s easy to see why! They’re lightweight and easy to tow, offer a variety of floor plans, and have a ton of standard features everyone loves! The floors are lines with DiamondFlor vinyl and Shaw® residential carpeting. They all offer a sleeper sofa as well as a booth dinette that converts into a bed for added sleeping space (optional freestanding dinettes do not convert. The 29RLDS only offers a freestanding dinette). The kitchen has the option of attractive stainless steel appliances and with the optional LED TV in the living room, you have a great place to gather for the big tournament! The master bedroom, along with any bunk beds, feature Denver mattresses to make sure you’ll be rested and ready to cheer on your favorite team! Take a look at our Jay Flight selection here!

Flagstaff Micro Lite

If your camping game requires something small, you can still participate in the RV division! The Flagstaff Micro Lite offers a light, easy-to-tow, compact travel trailer for those who aren’t in need of a large RV! They start off with an engineered mold and mildew resistant flooring that’s easy to keep clean. The kitchen is lined with solid surface countertops that aren’t porous so you can be sure that when you wipe them down after making those chicken wings, there’s nowhere for bacteria to hide. Relax in the living room and keep up on those games with the LCD TV and then enjoy the comfort of the heated mattress at the end of the day! If the Flagstaff Micro Lite sounds like the right player for you, take a look at our selection here!

Freedom Express

The Freedom Express brand offers an amazing selection! They start out with small expandable trailers, which are like a combination of a pop-up and travel trailer, and work their way up to what they call their “deep slide” models that are larger and offer more room inside. Congoleum designer Carefree flooring lines the floors and makes clean up a breeze, so there’s no worry about spills during the excitement of a winning shot. Most models include a jackknife sofa that folds out to offer guests a place to sleep. In the kitchen you’ll find seamless countertops so there’s never those crevasses to try and clean out. After the excitement you can crawl into your own comfortable queen bed and crash for the night so you can wake up and do it all over again the next day. Want to see what we have available? Check out our Freedom Express line here!

Team Toy Hauler

For the rough and tumble crowd that loves to fire up their engines and spend the day on the trails, track, or dunes, there’s the toy hauler! These come in both a fifth wheel and a travel trailer but are a bit different than the standard RV. They include a living space for you and a garage area for your toys! Also called a sport utility RV, the toy hauler is perfect for those seeking high-speed thrills. Here are the MVPs for this team!

Octane ZX

The Octane ZX travel trailer toy haulers have a ton of floor plans to choose from so you can find the garage size and living accommodations that best meet your needs. The garage is lined with skid- resistant flooring and has overhead cabinets in which you can stash your tools and other equipment. Once it’s unloaded, lower down the convertible sofas and queen bed to create a lounge, dining area, or a large bunkhouse! The rest of the RV has vinyl flooring so you can easily sweep away the dirt. The stainless steel appliances make snack and meal prep a breeze so you can get to watching the game on the optional 32″ TV! After the thrills of the day are over, climb into the comfortable Simmons® mattress for the great night’s sleep you deserve. The best model has to be the T32H, which offers the ultimate tailgating experience with a side patio! You can kick back on the patio and still keep an eye on the game with the outside entertainment center. Check it out! To see the rest of the Octane ZX line-up, click here!

Torque XLT

With a Torque XLT, you have the rugged power of a toy hauler without a huge, bulky 5th wheel to deal with. The rear garage sizes range from 10′ to 16′ so you can choose the right size for what you need to bring along! The garages are lined with a fuel and oil-resistant flooring that’s rubberized to not only absorb impact but keep you from slipping. The 30-gallon fuel station allows you to bring along plenty of gas to keep your ORVs going all day long, and it’s prepped for the easy addition of the optional 5.5K watt Onan generator that can also run off the fuel station! Once the garage is unloaded, furniture can be lowered from the ceiling to turn it into living space. When you head into the main living area you’ll find gorgeous Beauflor® flooring throughout. Residential furniture and high-end walnut cabinetry create a home-like environment while the optional LED TV is there so you can watch the game! Most models offer a large king bed in the master bedroom lined with a comfortable pillow top mattress so you never have to give up a good night’s sleep in the great outdoors! Are you ready to load up a Torque XLT? Check them out here!

Freedom Express Blast

The Freedom Express Blast toy hauler is a special edition of the Freedom Express travel trailer and really has what it takes to bring the team to victory! With 10′ of garage space that also converts into living space via the fold-down sofa, there’s plenty of room for you and your toys! Independence Maple hardwood cabinets throughout give it a residential feel and seamless countertops ensure easy clean up! Root for your favorite team while you stay in the game with the LED TV found in the living space and then climb into your comfortable queen bed at the end of the day to recharge! Check out our Freedom Express Blast selection here!

Team Motorhome

If towing isn’t in the cards for you, place your bet on team motorhome. These include the living space, chassis, engine, and everything all in one! Here are our star players for team motorhome!


Cruise the open road in a Freelander and see the game from wherever you choose! These gas-powered class Cs pack a punch and have a lot of layouts to choose from. Congoleum “Designer Series” flooring runs throughout and is complemented by comfortable furniture and beautiful cabinets. When you head to the kitchen to make your game day feast you’ll find Serenity ash wood grain cabinets and 1-piece thermofoil countertops. The optional LED TV ensures you can catch the game, and depending on the model you choose, there’s added sleeping space found in bunks over the cab, sleeper sofas, and convertible dinettes. Are you ready to roll with a Freelander? Click here to check them out!


The Prism is a diesel-powered class C that gives you the freedom to roam! While large enough for comfortable living, they’re still easy to drive! With three floor plans to choose from, you can pick the proper configuration for you! Wheeling around has never been easier, even when you have to make it into those back-in sites. Right in the cab you’ll find a touch screen radio that shows you what the backup camera sees! All models offer a bunk over the cab and a dinette that converts into a bed so you can offer to bring guests along for the trip! In the kitchen you’ll find a triple burner cooktop so you can make those snacks without having to deal with a campfire. Once it’s game time, turn on the optional LED TV and relax! Is the Prism calling your name? Answer it by clicking here!


Chase your pot of gold in a gas-powered Leprechaun! These class C motorhomes will take you where you want to go! They range in size as well as chassis and engine. You can pretty much customize them however you want! Pick between a Ford or a Chevy chassis and engine and stay dedicated to whichever brand you prefer! This is yet another motorhome that comes equipped with a backup camera to make getting into those camping spaces even easier! When you step inside you’ll find easy-to-clean Congoleum “Designer Series” flooring topped with breathtaking Cocoa woodgrain cabinets and a 1-piece thermofoil countertop! Depending on the model you choose, you’ll find a comfortable sleeper sofa and/or a booth dinette that converts into a bed! With the addition of the optional TV you’ve got your own mobile sports center! At the end of the day you’ll find a comfortable queen bed to sink into and wake up refreshed in the morning! Take a look at the Leprechaun line up now!

Game Winning Strategies

Are you looking for an assist for your camping game? We have some game winning strategies to help you out! Here at Gillette’s Interstate RV, we make RVing easy for you! Check these out!

Extremely Low Prices

One of the first things you’ll find out about Gillette’s Interstate RV is that we offer rock-bottom prices! We’re able to offer these prices for a few reasons. Our close proximity to our RV manufacturers’ locations in the Midwest means less shipping fees from them, and we pass these savings on to you, our valued customer! We also work hard to negotiate great prices from the manufacturers, which means savings for you. In fact, these prices are so low, all of our manufacturers have required us to sign a contract stating that we won’t post our prices online! Give us a call now for pricing on the RV of your dreams!

Trade-Ins Accepted

Looking to upgrade to a new RV but don’t want the hassle of selling your old one yourself? Let us take that burden off your hands! Trade in your old RV and get a trade allowance toward your new rig. Then you can take off on your adventures without the headache of selling your old one. To find out what your trade-in is worth, click here and fill out our trade-in form!


Gillette’s Interstate RV offers plenty of financing options, including special financing! Let us turn the price of an RV into a low monthly payment you can feel good about! We’ll work with the banks to get you the best interest rate available! Let us make your travel dreams a reality today! Fill out a credit application here to get started!


Don’t live in Michigan? That’s ok! You can still take advantage of our amazing prices thanks to our worldwide, store-to-door delivery! All RVs are equipped with GPS tracking so you can keep an eye on your rig’s whereabouts as it makes its way to your driveway! Click here for more details!

Dedicated Service Department

Whether it’s routine maintenance, winterization, or a repair, our dedicated service department is here to meet your needs! If you’re in the area, we can get you in and personally take care of the issue! If you’re not in the area, we’ll help you find a qualified service center near you to ensure that you’re back on the road in no time! For more information such as hours and services available, click here!

Informational Blog

We don’t just want to sell you an RV! We want to give you the whole RVing experience! Our RVing blog ensures you can find information you need to be confident in your travels and enjoy it to the fullest! Read up on amazing destinations, fun camping activities, mouthwatering recipes, RV-specific information, and general camping tips and tricks. Check out this amazing blog that’s jam-packed with information! Are you ready to slam dunk the RV deal of a lifetime? Give us a call, shoot us a text, or stop in to see what we’re offering for this exceptional March Madness Sale!

The More the Merrier: RVs With Incredible Sleep Capacities

Whether you want your kids to join you on an adventure or you want your friends to tag along for the fun, when it comes to RVing, the more the merrier! So check out these RVs with incredible sleep capacities and find a rig that fits everyone comfortably!

Chaparral Lite 295BHS

This fifth wheel, manufactured by Coachmen, is able to comfortably accommodate up to 9 campers! The private suite at the front houses a plush queen-sized memory foam mattress, while the bunkhouse in the rear offers full-sized bunks, with stairs conveniently leading to the top bed. A convertible dinette and trifold sofa complete this sleeping ensemble. But with all this sleep space, you’ll need a place to put the luggage of everyone that comes along! Luckily for you the Chaparral Lite 295BHS also includes a linen closet, bed and bunk wardrobes, outdoor storage compartments, a rear fold-down bike rack, and more! This RV is completed with an awesome outdoor kitchen!

Chaparral 371MBRB

While it may claim a modest sleep capacity of up to 8 campers, we’re confident that more sleep space is available in the Chaparral 371MBRB! This fifth wheel includes three private bedrooms so everyone will have a place to call their own! The front of the unit houses your luxurious owner’s suite which contains a queen-sized bed. Closer toward the middle of the unit you’ll find the first of two bunkhouses, while the rear houses your second, more spacious bunkhouse! As if three bedrooms wasn’t enough, you’ll also find a sofa in the living area which contains a hide-a-bed within. This fifth wheel is complete with dual access points, a full bath and half bath, and an incredible outdoor kitchen!

Eagle HT 29.5FBDS

With an impressive sleep capacity of up to 10 campers, nobody gets left behind when this fifth wheel hits the road! The unique front bunkhouse in the Eagle HT 29.5FBDS helps to maximize the number of beds offered. Toward the middle of the unit you’ll find a hide-a-bed sofa and convertible booth-style dinette which both contain concealed sleeping accommodations that can be used when you need them and stored away when you don’t. As you continue toward the back, you’ll enter your supreme owner’s suite which houses a queen-sized Simmons® mattress with convenient under-bed storage! This unit also contains an outdoor kitchen, and plenty of options are available to help you customize your RV!

Sandpiper 365SAQB

The bunkhouse in this high-class fifth wheel is rich with sleeping accommodations! Two twin beds are housed in this room, along with two bunks, and a trundle bed to give you a sleep capacity of up to 5 people in that single room alone! Additional overnight accommodations are offered with the trifold hide-a-bed sofa in the living area, and in your spacious owner’s suite at the front of the unit. You have the option of switching out your queen-sized bed for a sprawling king-sized bed so you can stretch out during the night without disturbing your partner! The Sandpiper 365SAQB is completed with an exterior kitchen, stainless steel appliances, and a 40″ flat screen HDTV!

Freedom Express Special Edition 29SE

Supreme accommodations are offered in this travel trailer which boasts a top-notch sleep capacity of up to 10 campers! The smart design of the Freedom Express Special Edition 29SE still manages to pack in sleep space despite only having a single slide out to expand the space. The most positive aspect of having only one slide out is how easy it will be to set up your RV at camp! At the front of the unit you’ll discover your private bedroom which houses a queen-sized bed that will entice you into an early-evening nap! At the back of the trailer you’ll find your cozy bunkhouse which provides two sets of bunks for a total of 4 separate beds! With bedside wardrobes, exterior pass-through compartments, and under-bed storage, all your overnights guests will have plenty of space to stow away their belongings!

Keep everyone comfortable and happy on your next outdoor adventure by taking advantage of the incredible sleep capacities offered in these premium RVs! How many people does your ideal RV sleep? Let us know in the comments!

A Warehouse + 24 Hours = This Amazing Sale

What do you get when you take a big empty warehouse, fill it with a bunch of beautiful RVs, and put them on display at discounted prices for twenty-four hours? The answer is one unbelievably amazing RV sale! If you’re in the market for a new home-away-from-home, then take advantage of the 24-hour RV warehouse sale at Gillette’s and find an RV you love at a price you’ll love even more! With camping season right around the corner, there has never been a better time to buy!

Browse More and Spend Less!

To get ready for this incredible sale, we’ll be cleaning out our entire service center to make room for the giant indoor display. Then, with the heated warehouse space emptied, we’ll set up a wide range of our top-selling RVs so that there’s something on display for everyone, whether you’re looking for a compact travel trailer or a fully loaded fifth wheel! Popular manufacturers will include Coachmen, DRV Suites, Forest River, Gulf Stream, Heartland, Jayco, and more! And that’s just in addition to all the amazing RVs already on display in our showroom!

Mark Your Calendars!

Gillette’s 24-hour RV warehouse sale will span three days, beginning February 16th and coming to a close on February 18th. Specific times for each day are detailed below, with the sale lasting for a total of 24 hours. With such great deals and discounted RVs offered for a limited time, be sure to mark your calendars and stop in to see all the awesome RVs that we have to offer. If you make the trip to Gillette’s, we’ll be sure to make your visit worth it!

  • Thursday, February 16th from 3pm – 8pm
  • Friday, February 17th from 9am – 8pm
  • Saturday, February 18th from 9am – 5pm

Spring will be here before you know it so take advantage of this epic sale and you won’t just walk away with the RV of your dreams, you’ll leave with some savings worth bragging about too! We hope to see you there!