Campsite Cooking: Scrumptious Camping Recipes for Hungry Hikers

Seasoned hikers know that the success of their trek often depends as much on their gear as on their provisions. After a long day on the trail, there’s nothing quite like a hearty meal enjoyed amidst the splendor of the great outdoors. Here’s a roundup of campsite cooking recipes that are both satisfying for the palate and energizing for those hungry for hiking adventures.

cooking over a fire

Trailside Taco Rice

taco bowl

This one-pot wonder is a perfect pick-me-up after a strenuous hike. Begin with pre-cooked rice and mix in a can of black beans, a packet of taco seasoning, and some water, heating it over your portable stove until warm. Top it with shredded cheese, a squeeze of lime, and a handful of crushed tortilla chips for a crunchy finish. 

Hearty Veggie Pasta


Pasta is a camping classic, and for good reason. It’s filling and cooks quickly. Use quick-cook pasta as a base and add in canned tomatoes, pre-chopped veggies, and Italian seasoning. Within minutes, you’ll have a nutritious meal that replenishes all the energy spent on the day’s ascents and descents.

Campfire Stew


Everything tastes better when cooked over an open fire; this campfire stew is no exception. Start by simmering beef cubes or a plant-based alternative with diced onions and peppers. Stir in a can of stewed tomatoes and some beef stock, then sprinkle in rosemary and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Let it bubble over the fire until the flavors meld into a rich, hearty stew.

Sweet Treats Skewers

marshmallows on a stick

End your day on a sweet note with fruit and marshmallow skewers. Alternating between strawberries, pineapple, and marshmallows, load your skewers and lightly toast them over the coals for a delightful dessert. Dip them in melted chocolate for an extra indulgent touch. 

Preparing meals in the wilderness doesn’t have to mean sacrificing flavor or convenience. With these campsite cooking recipes, you can satisfy your intense hiker’s hunger with delicious meals that fuel your body and delight your taste buds. If you require a new RV for your next camping trip, contact us today.

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