Camping Meal Plan Checklist and Schedule

You’re getting packed up for a weekend of camping. You have your clothes, the chairs, and all of your toiletries. Now, what do you do about food? Some jam pack the fridge with all kinds of stuff and then just wing it! That’s great if you have tons of space and don’t mind doing things on the fly. If you have limited space or really would rather have a plan for your meals, then you would benefit from a camping meal plan checklist and schedule. This is a plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for a weekend, along with a list of what you need to bring to make it happen!


First we need to make a schedule so we know what we’re having and when. This part is the fun part! Planning things out day to day will make it easier to know what needs to be thawed if you have frozen items, and exactly how much of each item you need to bring. Here is a great three day schedule for all three main meals, as well as two snacks for the day! Below you will find your checklist of things to bring to make these dishes happen, including a downloadable version!

Here’s a blank schedule so you can fill in your own dishes if you’d like! Click on the image to download!


Now it’s time to make sure we have everything we need! A checklist is very helpful for meal planning so you can ensure you have everything you need to create your scheduled dishes. Following a checklist ensures you won’t forget any ingredients while at the store. If you’re planning to camp on a holiday weekend, go shopping early to avoid the crowds. A packed store makes for a stressful environment and then you’re more likely to overlook something. Click on the shopping bag to download the list!

Baking PowderMacaroni
CinnamonTaco Seasoning
Cooking SprayBacon
FlourChicken Breast
GarlicGround Beef
Garlic PowderCarrots
MarshmallowsFresh Green Beans
Pancake MixGreen Peppers
Seasoning SaltOnion
Salt & PepperPotatoes
ShorteningSalad Mix
Steak SeasoningsSmall Jalapeños
SugarGraham Crackers
BreadBite Size Pretzels
Hamburger BunsChocolate Bars
Hot DogsHershey’s Kisses
Favorite Salad DressingM&Ms
KetchupPotato Chips
MayoSilvered Almonds
MustardTortilla Chips
Pickles/RelishTubes of Cinnamon Rolls
CroutonsCast Iron Skillet
ButterDutch Oven
Cheese SlicesRoasting Sticks
EggsTin Foil
Shredded CheeseStirring and Serving Spoons
Velveeta CheeseSpatulas
Canned Crushed TomatoesGrill
Canned CornPlates
Canned Diced Tomatoes and Green ChiliesUtensils
Canned Tomato SauceNapkins

Now you’re ready to head out and enjoy a stress-free camping trip! Ensure you plan out your portions according to the amount of campers you have so that you’ll be able to feed everyone.