Camp Games

Camp games are awesome because very little is needed to play them, and they can be played just about anywhere. Camp games are an easy and amusing option whether you’re looking for an energetic activity to wear out the kids, or a social activity to entertain campers of all ages. Make some long-lasting memories and share some laughs while you do it with these fun camp games.


This game can be played with a variety of throwing items, such as a frisbee, football, or rubber ball. To play, one camper starts as the thrower, while the rest gather at throwing distance. The thrower yells out an amount, such as “100!” or “300!” – whatever they want the throw to be worth. Then they throw the object and whoever catches it gets those points. The first catcher to reach 500 becomes the thrower. If the thrower yells, “Jackpot!” instead of an amount, whoever catches that toss automatically becomes the thrower. This game can vary slightly depending on the group you’re playing with, so feel free to add on some fun and creative rules of your own!


All you need to play this game is a soft ball that won’t hurt when it hits someone. To play, assign campers a number from 1 to the number of players playing. Then campers will form a circle, while one player stands in the center with the ball. This camper then throws the ball straight up into the air as high as they can. As they do so, they will yell out a number and everyone will scatter, except for the player whose number has been called. That player will race to get the ball and yell, “Spud!” which signals the scattering players to freeze in place. The player with the ball can take three giant steps in any direction they want before throwing the ball and trying to hit a camper. Targeted campers can move any parts of their body to dodge the ball, except for their feet. If the camper is hit, they get an “S”. If they are able to dodge the ball, the thrower gets an “S”. Whoever receives a letter is the new player in the center of the circle, and if any campers reach S-P-U-D, they are out of the game.

Winking Assassin

This game is perfect for a mysterious and dusky night at the campsite. To begin, put scraps of paper into a bucket corresponding with the number of players participating. Put a black dot on one of the scraps and leave the rest blank. Players will then pull out a piece of paper, and whoever grabs the one with the black dot becomes the assassin. To play, the assassin will “kill” other players one at a time by winking at them secretly. If you are the player who is winked at, you must “die” (pretend to faint or fall over) without giving away who your killer was. The game continues until someone figures out who the assassin is, or until the assassin has “killed” all the players. Once everyone has had their life restored, pass around some tortilla chips and enjoy this delicious Crockpot Cheese Dip around the campfire.

Add-On Stories

This game is a creative way to entertain campers during a quiet night around the fire. Throw some Apple Pies on the fire and get ready for a “telephone-style” game. To play, one person simply says a sentence to start the story. Then, the player next to them adds another sentence. And so on. The collaborative story can be funny, spooky, or silly. This game continues until players decide to end the story.

Noah’s Ark

This game can accommodate any number of campers, and is great played while gathered around the campfire. To play, the first camper says “I’m going to Noah’s Ark and I’m bringing two …” then finishes the sentence with an animal that begins with “A”, for example anteater. The camper next to them then repeats, “I’m going to Noah’s Ark and I’m bringing two anteaters and two …” calling out an animal that begins with the letter “B”, for example bear. Players go around the circle following the alphabet and remembering the animals called out by previously players. If a player cannot remember all the right animals, they are eliminated. The game continues until all players are eliminated or until the end of the alphabet is reached.

Mosquito Bites

You will need sheets of dot stickers to play this game, but the fun is worth it! To begin, give each camper a sheet of dot stickers (preferably red to match mosquito bites). As the evening progresses, campers will attempt to get rid of their stickers by secretly sticking them onto other players. If a player catches you trying to give them a “mosquito bite,” you must put the sticker on yourself instead and take another mosquito bite from the player who caught you. The first player to get rid of all their stickers is the winner.

Hot Seat

This game is great for campers of all ages. To play, one person sits in the hot seat while the other players sit across from them in a row. Players write a funny, strange, or silly word on a piece of paper and hold it up so that all players can read it, except for the player in the hot seat. The group will then give the hot seat player hints and clues to help them guess the word. If the hot seat player guesses the right word after everyone in the group gives their hints, the hot seat player is safe. If they don’t guess the word, the group gets to decide on a fun punishment such as doing a goofy dance or singing a song.

Mix up your next outdoor adventure with one of these fun camp games, or use your imagination and come up with a fun camp game of your own! Does your family play a fun camp game that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the Comments below.