Brain Puzzlers

Are you ready for your brain to hurt? Gather around and see who can come up with the correct answer first! Have fun and let’s get started on these brain puzzlers!

Brain Puzzler 1.

Ben walked into a hardware store and asked the price of some items. The salesman said: One costs $1 Eight costs $1 Seventeen cost $2 One hundred four costs $3 One thousand seventy two costs $4 What was Ben buying?

Brain Puzzler 2.

This is as light as a feather, yet no man can hold it for long. What am I?

Brain Puzzler 3.

Weight in my belly, trees on my back. Nails in my ribs, feet I do lack. What am I?

Brain Puzzler 4.

What goes up and never comes down?

Brain Puzzler 5.

What is more useful when it is broken?

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