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The Benefits of Using an RV for Movie Production

With full kitchens, comfortable beds, well-equipped bathrooms, and plenty of seating, it’s accurate to say that RVs are not just for camping anymore! All kinds of RVs, from travel trailers and fifth wheels to toy haulers and park trailers, can be put to good use whenever the comforts and conveniences of home are needed. And […]

RV Window Hacks That Help You Stay Warm

If you’re a cold-weather camper, then you know the benefits that come with braving the chilly temps in your RV: no crowds, beautiful scenery, wildlife sightings, winter sports like snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. On the flip side, you also have to endure bone-chilling nights where your RV might feel more like a freezer-on-wheels than a […]

Must-See Mountainous RV Parks of the U.S.

A trip into the mountains is an unforgettable one! When you start getting close enough that you can see the mountains looming in the distance, it’s hard to not let the excitement take over. You feel like you’re pulling up to a larger-than-life attraction that goes on and on for as far as the eye […]

Screen Hacks To Keep the Critters Out of Your RV

Your RV is dry, clean, and warm, making it very attractive to critters who might be looking for a new home. No matter the season, your RV is always at risk of being invaded by bugs, spiders, bees, and little critters. In the spring and summer, spiders, birds, and bees are searching for the perfect […]

Creative Ways To Make Money With Your RV

Let’s just get the obviously bad ideas out of the way right now. No, you cannot charge a fee for passers-by to come look at your RV. No, you probably will not get paid to enter your RV in a demolition derby. And you absolutely shouldn’t roll your RV off a cliff for the insurance […]

Why You Should Have a VPN While Out RVing

Yesteryear Back in the days of yore, RVing was a way of life, more so than a means of escape. To travel any great distance, you would hitch up your covered wagon, plant one on your wife and kids, and head over the prairie with a rifle and faithful dog at your side. Wolves or […]

Amazing Ways To Not Be A Food Waster While RVing

Every summer, my family goes on a two week-long camping trip to a national park. Last year we went east to Acadia in Maine; this year we’re heading west to Colorado to explore Rocky Mountain National Park! Filled with hiking, exploring, cooking by the campfire, and playing family board games at night, these camping trips […]

Renovating a Pop-Up Camper On a Budget

Here at Gillette’s, our fantastic and easy trade-in process means that we always have a slew of great RVs coming in, and I just can’t help but feel my DIY skills tingling when I see those older models! I’ve seen my fair share of RV makeovers out there, especially on pop-up campers! My sister and […]

Your Pet’s Favorite RVs For Road Tripping

In the market for a new RV? For you animal-loving RVers out there, you’ll probably be looking for an RV that’s comfortable not only for yourself, but also one that is comfortable for your beloved pets! It can be hard to find an RV that fits yours and your pets’ needs, as RVs sadly just […]