Amazing Bungee Cord Hacks To Use While Camping

If you’re a camper with a knack for DIY projects and using genius hacks, you’re going to love what bungee cords can do for you! Use these amazing bungee cord hacks while camping and you’ll be safe, secure, and ready for anything!


If you forgot to pack a proper clothesline, stringing a bungee cord between two trees can have just as good of an effect! Use clothespins to secure your clothing so that it doesn’t slide around or gather in the middle of the line and weigh it down!

Extra Security

Have items that need help staying upright? Use bungee cords to secure items like brooms, mops, camp chairs, and other upright times to keep them from falling over!


Having trouble keeping your RV’s refrigerator from turning into chaos during travel? Pop some suction cups to the sides of your refrigerator toward the front and string a bungee cord between them to help keep your food items from sliding off the shelves! If you have an RV refrigerator that just refuses to stay closed, use bungee cords to help force it shut!


On that same train of thought, if you have pesky cabinets that fly open during travel, it may be a good idea to use bungee cords to keep them closed and prevent items from falling out! This is also useful for those deep shelves found in RVs, so string a bungee over the opening and it should keep the big stuff in!

Utility Hoses

Is it a hassle to keep your utility hoses from getting tangled and coming unwound? Try using a bungee cord to prevent hoses from unwinding during travel and storage! It’s a good opportunity to use those smaller cute bungee cords!

Keep Totes Closed

If you’ve ever had to deal with a frustrating tote that is stuffed too full or just won’t close right anymore, you’ll love this hack! Keeping those totes closed is as easy as stretching a bungee cord across the top of the tote and it’ll prevent it from popping back open and potentially dumping its contents all over your RV or campsite!


Forgot your tie downs for your tent or tarps? Just use a bungee cord to secure your tent or tarp so that it doesn’t fly away in the breeze! They work really well with tent stakes, as they’ll just hook right onto or through them!

Shower Curtain Rod

If your RV’s shower curtain rod happens to break and you can’t run out right away to get another one, use a bungee cord and string it the length of your shower! The shower curtain hooks should loop on it easily and it’ll be easy to open and close the curtain when you need to get in and out!

Secure Trash Can

Worried about your trash can tumbling around while on the road? Install hooks on the inside of the cabinet you usually store it in about the width of your trash can and use a bungee cord to keep it in place!

Use With Command Hooks

For a simple and damage-free way to hang just about any item in your RV, set up a pair of command hooks on your wall, in exterior storage compartments, and stretch your bungee cord between the hooks. You can hang just about anything from scarves, jewelry, tools, and more! You can also use peg board installed in your cargo areas and bungee cords will easily loop right in!

Build a Bookshelf

Need somewhere to stash your books, or want to make the kids’ bunkhouse a little more fun and stylish? Make a DIY bungee cord bookshelf! Use L-shaped corner molding and secure it to a nice open stretch of RV wall. Install hooks at either end of the molding, about halfway of the height of your books. Stretch a bungee cord between the hooks and you have yourself a fun, camping-themed bookshelf!

These amazing bungee cord hacks to use while camping will definitely make your next trip a great one! You’ll be able to stay organized and secure, no matter what your adventures throw at you! In what other genius ways do you use bungee cords for camping? Comment to share your ideas with us!